Wednesday, May 30, 2007

#350 - Tuesday and Wednesday


Yesterday afternoon my parents and I went to Saphir Square. Well, my parents' friend offered them a place in Saphir Square and yesterday they went there to check it. I myself suggest them NOT to take it since Saphir Square is "a failure". The mall itself is so pathetic, even though this month they opened a Bowling Center, the traffic is still not that "up to par". Okay, so we checked it and yes, in the end, the decision was the same with my suggestion, ha3... :)

Btw, yesterday and today I accompanied my parents to go to Malioboro Mall. I dunno why but if my parent isn't there (just let the employees be there in the shop with no supervision from my parents directly), the income can't be maximized. That's what happened to the month February, March, and April, and also the first half of May. Btw, I ordered a new glasses, he3... :) Next week I can get a new one... :D I ordered non-transparent lenses (blue gradation).

Btw, yesterday I watched the show Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City, and the winner is Riyo Mori from Japan. She was the second Miss Universe from Japan since Akiko Kojima who was also from Japan and won the title at 1959. Just as usual, Indonesian Contestant, Agni Prathista, couldn't speak that much on the competition this year leaving Putri Indonesia 2004, Artika Sari Devi, is the only Indonesian Contestant who ever made it to the top 15. Btw, one of the judges, a Korean-Descendant James Kyson Lee, apparently got a chance to ask the final question to Miss Korea, ha3... :) And since he was famous for his role as Ando in the TV-Series Heroes, his question was also still about superheroes... lol. Btw, poor Miss USA, Rachel Smith who slipped and fell down during the eveng gown session (top 10) and yet, she made it to the final 5. Therefore, she also was booed during her final interview session.

::: Riyo Mori, Miss Japan, evening gown session

::: Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006, crowned Riyo Mori as Miss Universe 2007

::: Miss USA, Rachel Smith, fell down

::: Agni Prathista, Putri Indonesia, in national costume


Kemarin siang aku sama ortuku pergi ke Saphir Square. Hmm, ortuku ditawari sama temennya sebuah tempat di Saphir Square dan kemarin mereka kesana buat ngecek. Nah, aku sih menyarankan untuk NGGAK mengambilnya soale Saphir Square adalah sebuah "kegagalan". Mall-nya menyedihkan sekali, walaupun bulan ini dibuka arena bowling, trafficnya tetep aja ga seperti yang diharapkan tuh. Oke deh, kita mengeceknya dan yup, akhirnya sesuai dengan saran saya, ha3... :)

Btw, kemarin dan hari ini aku nemenin ortuku ke Malioboro Mall. Gatau kenapa tapi kalo ortu ga disana (jadi cuma membiarkan pegawai njaga toko sendiri tanpa supervisi dari ortu langsung), omzetnya gabisa maksimal. Dan itulah yang terjadi di bulan Februari, Maret, dan April, serta Mei sampe pertengahan. Btw, aku tadi pesen kacamata baru loh, he3... :) Minggu depan aku dapet deh yang baru... :D Aku pesennya yang lensanya ga bening (gradasi biru).

Btw, kemarin aku nonton show Miss Universe 2007 di Mexico City, dan pemenangnya adalah Riyo Mori dari Jepang. Dia adalah Miss Universe yang kedua dari Jepang setelah Akiko Kojima yang juga dari Jepang yang menang Miss Universe tahun 1959. Seperti biasa, kontestan Indonesia, Agni Prathista gabisa bicara banyak dalam kompetisi kali ini dan membuat hanya Putri Indonesia 2004, Artika Sari Devi yang pernah masuk ke 15 besar.Btw, salah seorang jurinya, keturunan Korea, James Kyson Lee, ternyata dapet kesempatan ngasi pertanyaan terakhir ke Miss Korea loh, ha3... :) Dan karena dia terkenal atas perannya di TV-Show Heroes sebagai Ando, pertanyaannya juga masih sekitar superheroes deh... lol. Btw, kasian yah Miss USA, Rachel Smith yang tergelincir dan jatuh waktu sesi gaun malam (10 besar) dan walaupun begitu, dia masuk ke 5 besar. Makanya deh dia di-booo waktu sesi pertanyaan terakhirnya.

Monday, May 28, 2007

#349 - Monday Story


Well, this afternoon actually my friend and I had a plan to watch "Pirates of Caribbean III" at Plaza Ambarrukmo. Well, today is Monday which also means a "Nomat" Day and so many people would really love to watch movie today. Guess what?? By the time we arrived at PA, the line had been so long and it was worse (read: longer) than this time when The DaVinci Code was premierred. If at that time it needed about 45 minutes to get to the ticket counters, I predict if we also had queued this afternoon, it would have taken about more than 1 hour!! :( Plus, I still doubt we would get the afternoon-shows. Okay, so we canceled our plan and I dunno, probably we will watch it next time, ha3... :D

So, we left 21 and just walked around PA. Then, we went to Galeria and I had lunch there (bakso). It was tasty, he3... :) My friend wanted to buy contact lenses but didn't since the price was unsually high (about 30% higher than usual since unfortunately, the promo season was expired yesterday). Then, we went to TogaMas Bookstore and Kiko Restaurant (hohoho, having meal AGAIN!! :( ). After that we went back home.

Hohoho, because now I'm at home, so I can be online any time, he3... :) The problem is sometimes only the electricity. I dunno why but in Jogja, the electrivity goes off a lot more often than in Bandung... :( I have been 2 days in Jogja and the electricity has gone off once. I hope it's not gonna happen again, he3... :)

::: A Bowl of Bakso


Hmm, siang tadi sebenernya aku sama temenku uda berencana mau nonton "Pirates of Caribbean III" di Plaza Ambarrukmo. Hmm, hari ini adalah Senin yang juga berarti Hari "Nomat" dan banyak banget orang mau nonton film hari ini. Tebak gimana?? Waktu nyampe di PA, antriannya uda puanjang buanget dan bahkan lebih parah (baca: panjang) daripada pada waktu ini ketika The DaVinci Code dirilis. Kalo pada waktu itu butuh waktu 45 menit buat nyampe ke konter tiket-nya, aku memprediksikan kalo misale tadi aku juga ngantri, mungkin bakalan lebih dari sejam loh!! :( Plus, aku juga ragu bakalan dapet show yang siang. Oke deh, akhirnya kita membatalkan rencana itu dan gatau sih, nontonnya kapan2 aja ah, ha3... :D

Jadi, kita meninggalkan 21 dan jalan-jalan aja di PA. Habis itu kita ke Galeria dan makan siang disana (bakso). Enak loh, he3... :) Temenku mo beli lensa kontak tapi gajadi soale harganya katane mahal banget (sekitar 30% lebih mahal dari biasanya dan sayangnya masa promosi berakhir kemarin). Trus, kita ke Toko buku TogaMas dan ke Restoran Kiko (ya ampun, makan LAGI!! :( ). Habis itu balik deh.

Hohoho, karena sekarang aku di rumah, jadi aku bisa internetan kapan pun deh, he3... :) Masalahnya sih cuma listrik. Gatau kenapa tapi di Jogja ni listrik lebih sering mati daripada di Bandung... :( Aku baru 2 hari di Jogja dan listriknya udah mati sekali. Moga2 ga kejadian lagi deh, he3... :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

#348 - My Trip Back to Jogja


For my home-coming this time, because I don't like trains and its last service to me, I decided to catch a Garuda Indonesia flight from Jakarta to Jogjakarta. I chose GA 214 which departed at 5.50 PM.

Yesterday morning when I went to Garuda's office in Bandung to do a City Check-In and guess what?? There was gonnabe a delay for 1.5 hrs. They tried to inform me the day before but I didn't answer my phone (because I was in the middle of my last final-exam!!). Okay, so I also delayed my travel to airport from 12 PM to 2 PM (lucky there was still an available seat in travel 14.00). Btw, I got a City Check-In Boarding Pass (orange).

Then, at 12.30 PM, I tried to get a taxi to go to the departing point at BTC. Guess what?? It was SO difficult to find one!! Lucky at 1.10 PM I got one and arrived at BTC at 1.45 PM. At 2 PM, my travel departed. Well, I actually estimated the trip would take about 3 hrs from Bandung to CGK. But the travel agent said it was 4 hrs!! What!?!? Okay, she was the travel-agent, no reason for me to start a debate, he3... :) Guess what?? It was MY estimation which was correct. Maybe the 4hr estimation was a worst condition when we got trapped in a traffic jam in Jakarta?. At 4.50 PM we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport. I walked to the check-in area and checked-in at GA 214 counter. After putting in baggage, the officer gave me another boarding-pass (green). That was weird for me. Then, I looked at it and apparently, there was an "extra" 20 minutes delay!! Arrggghhh... . When I asked the officer why there was a delay, he said because of aircraft-rotation. Well, at least Garuda gave me a complementary dinner for free because of the delay, he3... :)

Btw, there was a strange thing. When I looked at the monitor outside of the check-in area, GA 214 gate was F4. Then, after checking-in and checked at the monitor inside the duty free, it was E4 (what!?!? So far as I know, "D" and "E" are usually for international flights!!). I checked at my boarding-pass, it was only written "F", no exact number following... :( After having dinner, I checked it again and it was F6. Okay, so at 6.50 PM I walked to gate F6 and waited for my flight there. The boarding time should be at 7.20 PM. But as time went by, there was no call to board the plane!! Arrrggghhh.... . At 7.55 PM there was a call (some fellas were relieved), but unfortunately, that call was for Merpati's Passengers to Makassar, Biak, and Jayapura, wakakakakaka.... lol. At 8.05 PM, there was finally a boarding-call, but guess what?? We gotta board from gate F3!! OMG!!! But at least, at that time I really boarded the aircraft, he3... :)

Just as usual, the CGK-JOG flight took 50 minutes. The weather was okay (even though it was evening, I still could see we penetrated some cloud, he3... :D). My prayer was granted, we landed from the west side of the runway, so I could see the scenery of Jogjakarta City from above, he3... :D >> if it was from the east, I couldn't see anything, just a dark land. At 9.10 PM, we landed (just as usual, because of the 'wavy' runway, pretty roughly) at Adisutjipto Airport.

Even with the delay, I still A LOT prefer catching a flight than a train, he3... :)

::: My City Check-In Boarding Pass (orange)

::: My Normal Boarding Pass (green)

::: A Complimentary Dinner

::: One spot inside Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport

::: Boeing 737-400 Garuda Indonesia GA 214 just after it landed at Adisutjipto Airport, Jogjakarta.


Untuk acara mudik saya kali ini, karena saya nggak suka kereta dan pelayanan terakhirnya, aku memutuskan untuk naik penerbangan Garuda Indonesia dari Jakarta ke Jogjakarta. Aku milih GA 214 yang berangkat jam 5.50 sore.

Kemarin pagi waktu aku pergi ke kantornya Garuda di Bandung untuk City Check-In, katanya akan ada delay selama 1,5 jam. Mereka mencoba ngasi tau aku sehari sebelumnya tapi ga aku jawab (lha aku lagi di tengah2 ujian-akhir yang terakhirku koq!!). Oke, jadi aku juga menunda travel saya ke airport dari jam 12 ke jam 2 (untung aja tu masih ada seat kosong buat travel yang jam 2 kan??). Btw, aku juga dapet City Check-In Boarding Pass (oranye).

Trus jam 12.30 siang, aku nyoba untuk dapet taksi kan untuk pergi ke tempat keberangkatan di BTC. Ternyata SANGAT susah untuk dapet satu!! Untung aja jam 1.10 siang akhirnya aku dapet satu dan sampe di BTC jam 1.45 siang. Jam 2, travelku berangkat. Hmm, sebenernya aku memperkirakan perjalanannya akan sekitar 3 jam-an kan dari Bandung ke CGK. Tapi agen travel-nya ngomong kalo ternyata 4 jam!! Apa!?!? Oke, dia kan agen travel-nya, ga ada alasan untuk memulai debat, he3... :) Dan gimana?? Ternyata perkiraanKU yang benar. Jam 4.50 sore kita udah sampe di Bandara Int'l Soekarno Hatta. Mungkin perkiraan 4 jam itu perkiraan terburuk kali ya kalo kita kejebak macet di Jakarta? Aku jalan ke area check-in dan check-in di konter GA 214. Habis masukin bagasi, petugasnya ngasi aku boarding pass yang lain (hijau). Aneh kan untuk saya. Trus aku melihatnya dan ternyata akan ada delay "ekstra" 20 menit!! Arrggghhh... . Waktu aku nanya petugasnya kenapa ada penundaan, dia ngomong katanya gara2 rotasi pesawat. Hmm, paling nggak Garuda ngasi aku makan malam komplementer gratis sih gara2 delay, he3... :)

Btw, ada hal yang aneh. Waktu aku liat di monitor di luar area check-in, gatenya GA 214 itu tulisannya F4. Trus habis check-in, dan liat di monitor di dalam duty-free, gate GA214 jadi E4 (apa!?!? Sejauh pengetahuan saya, "D" dan "E" kan untuk penerbangan internasional!!). Aku cek di boarding-pass-ku dan tulisannya cuma "F", ga ada nomer yang mengikutinya... :( Habis makan malam, aku ngecek lagi dan ternyata F6. Oke deh, jam 6.50 aku jalan ke gate F6 dan nunggu penerbanganku disana. Waktu boarding-nya seharusnya kan jam 7.20. Tapi selama waktu berjalan, ga ada panggilan boarding!! Arrrggghhh.... . Jam 7.55 malem ada panggilan boarding (beberapa orang da seneng tuh), tapi malangnya, itu untuk penumpang Merpati tujuan Makassar, Biak, dan Jayapura, wakakakakaka.... lol. Jam 8.05 malem akhirnya ada panggilan boarding, tapi tebak gimana?? Kita akan boarding dari gate F3!! Ya Tuhan!! Tapi paling nggak, waktu itu aku bener2 naik pesawat sih, he3... :)

Seperti biasanya, penerbangan CGK-JOG memakan waktu 50 menit. Cuacanya oke (walaupun malem, aku masih bisa ngeliat kita nembus awan, he3... :D). Doa saya terkabul, kita mendarat dari sisi barat landasan pacu, jadi bisa ngeliat pemandangan Kota Jogjakarta dari atas, he3... :D >> kalo misalnya dari timur ga keliatan apa-apa tu, cuma tanah yang gelap. Jam 9.10 malem, kita mendarat (seperti biasa, karena landasan yang 'bergelombang', lumayan keras lah) di Bandara Adisutjipto.

Walaupun dengan penundaan itu, aku masih JAUH lebih milih naik pesawat daripada kereta, he3... :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

#347 - LINK (#003 - Cerita 2)

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

#346 - Congratulations JORDIN!!

Jordin Sparks


Well, continuing the tradition of mine which is congratulating the winner of American Idol just after they won like two years ago when Carrie Underwood won and last year when Taylor Hicks won, this is a tribute for Jordin Sparks, he3... :)

After the highest number of votes in the history of AI which is nearly 74 million votes (the total of over 609 million votes during the whole season), Jordin Sparks was crowned as the sixth American Idol. She followed Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Hicks as the winner who never placed in bottom three before. Well, congratulations to Jordin, she deserves it. She was the best of the night. However, I actually still think that it's Melinda Doolittle who should have won the show, since I like her more than Jordin, he3... :) But that's fine, to reach success some people just don't need to win the American Idol show. Chris Daughtry who was placed #4 last year now has sold the most album amongst all AI season 5 contestants including the winner, Taylor Hicks (more than 3 times!!).

Blake Lewis, the runner-up, well, just to be objective here, he actually got the weakest voice among all top 4 contestants this season. HOWEVER, I think his originality has brought him to the final. Not possessing the best voice dosen't guarantee somebody won't be successful in the music industry... :) He possess originality which I think is a lot more important, he3... :)

Anyway, another season of American Idol has finished again. Hmmm, I gottabe patient waiting for the seventh season next year, he3... :)

Btw, this morning I got up at 7 AM just to watch the Result Show LIVE on Star World, he3... :)


Hmm, melanjutkan tradisi saya yaitu memberi selamat kepada pemenang American Idol setelah mereka menang seperti dua tahun lalu waktu Carrie Underwood menang dan tahun lalu waktu Taylor Hicks menang, posting kali ini adalah untuk Jordin Sparks, he3... :)

Setelah jumlah voting yang tertinggi di dalam sejarah AI yang mencapai sekitar 74 juta suara (totalnya sekitar lebih dari 609 juta tuh selama musim kali ini), Jordin Sparks dimahkotai sebagai American Idol yang keenam. Dia mengikuti jejaknya Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, dan Taylor Hicks yang menang tanpa pernah berada di posisi tidak aman. Hmm, selamat untuk Jordin, dia berhak mendapatkanya. Bagaimanapun juga, aku masih berpendapat kalau seharusnya yang menang adalah Melinda Doolittle, soale aku lebih suka dia sih daripada Jordin, he3... :) Tapi gpp sih, untuk meraik kesuksesan kan ga harus memenangkan American Idol. Chris Daughtry yang berada di posisi 4 tahun lalu nnyatanya udah menjual album jauh lebih banyak daripada semua kontestan lain AI musim 5 termasuk juaranya, Taylor Hicks (lebih dari 3 kali lipat!!).

Blake Lewis, runner-upnya, hmm, objektif nih, dia sebenernya memiliki suara yang terlemah dari semua kontestan 4 besar musim ini. NAMUN, aku rasa originalitasnya membawanya ke final. Nggak memiliki suara terbaik kan nggak menjamin seseorang nggak akan sukses di dunia musik kan... :) Dia memiliki originalitas yang aku rasa jauh lebih penting, he3... :)

Hh, akhirnya musim lain dari American Idol sudah selesai lagi. Hmm, harus sabar ni nunggu tahun depan buat musim ketujuh, he3... :)

Btw, tadi pagi saya bangun jam 7 pagi loh DEMI nonton Result Show-nya LANGSUNG di Star World, he3... :)

Blake Lewis

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

#345 - 6 of 8


Officially, I now have passed 6 of 8 exams on these 2 weeks of final examination. Only 2 are left, and both are gonnabe open-book exams, he3... :) They are Linear Programming and Computer Programming (Theory). Hmm, Linear Programming Test is probably one of my weakness in math. Well, not that I don't understand the subject, no. I do really understand it. The problem is that mostly problems we have to solve require carefulness in counting. Well, that's a big problem for me, he3... :) We have to count hell number of things with so many rules and we can't make even a small mistake throughout all hundreds of numbers we have to work at. That sucks!! When I did my homework I made several mistakes and it took hours just to find them!! Arrrggghhhh.... . I gottabe careful and steady in doing my work tomorrow... :(

Btw, as you can read here last week, I was pretty confident that I could get a score of 100 in my discrete math final exam. Last Monday, I asked my lecturer whether he had already finished checking all of our works or. Surprisingly because he IS a very dilligent and responsible, the answer was a bit shocking: "YES". What!? Wow, in only about 4 days he had already done all his works!! Guess what?? I got 100!! Yaaayyy!!

Well, I think I did really well on the first six subjects. I could expect a minimum score of 100 (yep, 100 = minimum) on Computer Programming (lab work) since I did all 4 questions where actually we only needed to do 3 of them, he3... :) So, the maximum score is gonnabe 120. I did Macro Economy really well on the essay part. Well, I think the multiple-choice part was also good but I still don't know since it's a multiple choice!! :(

I am serious on this Final Exam since on the last midterm, my works weren't maximal... :(

Btw, for American Idol this year, I dunno why, I just prefer Blake to win the competition this year than Jordin. Jordin is great and talented, but I dunno why I just don't really like her. So, let's vote for Blake, he3... :) That's fine VFTW wins again this year (after the victory of Taylor Hicks last year (well, they also stated they supported Carrie Underwood 2 years ago, but I find that weird since Carrie is probably the best contestant of AI throughout all 6 seasons, and no way to call her as "the worst"... :D)).

Btw, this is possibly the second-to-last message before my homecoming next Saturday, he3... :)

Btw (again), I just found 2 videos of LaKisha Jones 2 years ago (2005) at Youtube when she was competing in "Gimme Mike Houston". Well, not so much different except her hair, he3... :) And her singing now in American Idol is a lot better than at that time. At that time she was good, but couldn't control her voice and definitely looked as a good amateur. Here they are.

::: quick update ::: (Wed, 23rd May 2007; 8.21 PM)

I just watched the finale of AI, and I honestly think Jordin Sparks WILL win the show this season. My quick review:

(You Give Love A Bad Name) : score 9.25
(She Will Be Loved) : score 8.5
(This is My now): score 8.5 (the song didn't suit him... :( He will be the runner-up just like Kath and Bo last year and 2 years ago)
Average : 8.75

(Fighter) : score 8.5
(A Broken Wing) : score 9
(This is My Now): score 9 (that song was her element, she slaughtered Blake)
Average : 8.83

::: LaKisha Jones performing "Think"

::: LaKisha Jones performing "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going"


Secara resmi, sekarang saya sudah melewati 6 dari 8 ujian dalam 2 minggu Ujian Akhir ini. Cuma 2 yang tersisa, dan keduanya akan merupakan ujian open-book, he3... :) Mereka adalah Pemrograman Linear dan Pemrograman Komputer (Teori). Hmm, Pemrograman Linear adalah mungkin salah satu kelemahan saya di mat. Hmm, bukan berarti aku nggak ngerti mata kuliahnya, enggak. Aku sih ngerti banget. Masalahnya, kebanyakan soal yang harus dipecahkan tu membutuhkan ketelitian dalam menghitung. Nah, disanalah masalah besarnya untuk saya, he3... :) Kita harus menghitung buanyak buanget bilangan dengan banyak aturan dan kita nggak boleh membuat satu kesalahan kecilpun dari ratusan bilangan yang harus kita kerjakan. Nyebelin banget!! Waktu aku ngerjain PR aku membuat beberapa kesalahan dan memakan waktu lama banget untuk menemukannya!! Arrrggghhhh.... . Aku besok mesti hati-hati dan pelan-pelan nih ngerjainnya... :(

Btw, seperti yang bisa dibaca disini minggu kemarin, aku lumayan yakin kalo aku bisa dapet nilai 100 di ujian akhir mat diskret-ku. Nah, Senin kemarin aku nanya dosenku apa dia sudah selesai mengecek semua pekerjaan. Nah, secara mengejutkan karena dia adalah dosen yang rajin dan bertanggung-jawab, jawabannya agak bikin kaget: "SUDAH". Apa!? Wow, cuma dalam waktu 4 hari semua pekerjaannya dah selesai!! Dan gimana?? Aku dapet 100 loh!! Yaaayyy!!

Hmm, aku rasa aku ngerjain dengan baik deh di 6 ujian yang pertama. AKu bisa berharap dapet nilai minimal 100 (yup, 100 = minimal) dalam ujian pemrograman komputer (praktikum) soale aku ngerjain semua 4 soalnya padahal kan sebenernya cuma perlu ngerjain 3 soal, he3... :) Jadi, nilai maksimumnya bisa 120 deh. Aku ngerjain Ekonomi Makro lumayan di bagian essay. Hmm, bagian pilihan ganda-nya lumayan bisa sih, tapi ya tetep gatau kan, tau lah, pilihan ganda!! :(

Aku serius ni di UAS kali ini, soalnya waktu UTS kemarin di beberapa mata kuliah ga maksimal sih... :(

Btw, untuk American Idol tahun ini, gatau kenapa, aku koq lebih milih Blake ya yang menang kompetisi ini daripada Jordin. Jordin bagus dan berbakat, cuma gatau kenapa aku ga gitu seneng aja sama dia. Jadi, mari kita vote Blake, he3... :) Gpp sih VFTW menang lagi tahun ini (habis kemenangan Taylor Hicks tahun lalu (eh, mereka juga menyatakan kalo mereka mendukung Carrie Underwood 2 tahun yang lalu loh, tapi aku kira itu aneh soalnya Carrie mungkin adalah kontestan terbaik dari semua 6 musim AI dan gabisa dong dibilang sebagai "the worst" (paling buruk)... :D)).

Btw, ini mungkin posting dua terakhir sebelum mudik besok Sabtu, he3... :)

Btw (lagi), aku baru aja nemuin 2 videonya LaKisha Jones 2 tahun yang lalu (2005) pas dia lagi ikutan kompetisi "Gimme Mike Houston". Hmm, ga gitu beda sih kecuali rambutnya, he3... :) Dan nyanyiannya sekarang di American Idol jauh lebih bagus daripada pada waktu itu. Waktu itu dia bagus sih, tp gabisa ngontrol suaranya dan jelas keliatan banget sebagai amatir yg bagus. Tuh videonya di atas.

::: apdet cepet ::: (Rbu, 23 Mei 2007; 8.21 malem)

Aku baru aja nonton finalnya AI, dan jujur nih, kayake Jordin Sparks AKAN memenangkan show ini. Review saya: :

(You Give Love A Bad Name) : score 9.25
(She Will Be Loved) : score 8.5
(This is My now): score 8.5 (lagunya ga cocok buat dia... :( Dia akan jadi runner-up kaya Kath dan Bo setahun dan dua tahun yang lalu)
rata2 : 8.75

(Fighter) : score 8.5
(A Broken Wing) : score 9
(This is My Now): score 9 (lagunya bener-bener elemennya, dia membunuh Blake)
rata2 : 8.83

Monday, May 21, 2007

#344 - Short Semester


On this upcoming short semester, apparently we can take any subject we haven't taken yet and I didn't know that!! I have already purchased my plane ticket back home (I got the cheapest ticket, non-refundable, and I can't change or alter flights (fixed)). Arrrggghhhh.... . I thought (and heard) we are only allowed to take any subjects as a remedial. Plus, we can take only subjects where we got D or E. Unfortunately for this semester, the rule was changed!! Hmmm.... .

Well, actually even though I had known that new rule earlier, I doubt I would have planed to take the short semester. Why?? Well, because this short semester, only 3 subjects are opened, Elementary Linear Algebra (ELA), Liner Algebra (LA), and Advanced Calculus (AC). I took ELA on the first semester and I got A. Then, if I take the standard subjects each semester, I will take LA on 5th semester and AC next semester (3rd semester). Both LA and AC are 'killer's. That's why they're opened.

Well, for sure I'm gonna take AC next semester (if I don't take it this short semester). And all the standard subjects take 20 credits next semester and I will still have 4 credits free (hohohoho, so confident I'll get GPA above 3.00... :D). LA takes 4 credits. So, I still can take LA in the next upcoming regular semester. Why should I take one (or both) of those subjects on short semester (studying killer subject(s)) only in less than 2 months AND with more expensive tuition fee per-credit (130%) while I actually am possible to take those 2 subjects in next regular semester (5 months and no tuition fee (scholarship, he3... :D))

PLUS, if I don't take it, well, I'm gonna have a fancy 2.5 months holiday, wakakakakaka.... lol


Di semester pendek yang akan datang ini, ternyata kita boleh mengambil mata kuliah yang blom pernah kita ambil sebelumnya dan aku gatau hal itu!! Kan aku udah terlanjur beli tiket pesawat (dapet yg paling murah, duit gabisa kembali, gabisa ganti penerbangan, dll (pokoke harus fixed)). Arrrggghhhh.... . Aku kira (dan denger) kita cuma boleh ngambil mata kuliah sebagai perbaikan (remedial). Plus, kita cuma bisa ngambil mata kuliah dengan nilai D atau E saja. Nah, malangnya untuk semester kali ini peraturannya diubah!! Hmmm.... .

Sebenernya kalaupun aku dah tau hal itu lebih awal, aku ragu juga sih apa aku berencana akan ngambil semester pendek. Kenapa?? Soalnya di semester pendek kali ini, cuma 3 mata kuliah yang dibuka, Aljabar Linear Elementer (ALE), Aljabar Linear (AL), dan Kalkulus Lanjut (KL). Aku dah ngambil ALE di semester satu kemarin dan aku dapet A. Trus, kalo aku ngambil mata kuliah standar per-semesternyta, AL akan aku dapat di semester 5 dan KL akan aku dapet semester depan (semester 3). AL dan KL adalah mata kuliah 'pembunuh'. Makanya mereka dibuka.

Hmm, tentu saja aku akan mengambil KL semester depan (kalo aku ga ambil di semester pendek kali ini). Dan semua mata kuliah standart semester depan akan mengambil jatah 20 sks dan aku akan masih punya 4 sks sisa (hohohoho, yakin banget ni dapet IP di atas 3... :D). AL akan ngambil jatah 4 sks. Jadi, aku masih bisa kan ngambil AL di semester biasa yang selanjutnya. Kenapa aku harus mengambil salah satu (atau keduanya) di semester pendek (belajar mata kuliah killer) dalam waktu kurang dari 2 bulan DAN dengan biaya yang lebih mahal per-sks (130%) sementara sebenernya aku sangat mungkin untuk mengamblnya di semester biasa yang selanjutnya (5 bulan dan ga ada biaya (beasiswa, he3... :D))

PLUS, kalo aku ga ngambil kan aku akan mendapatkan liburan 2,5 bulan yang ditunggu-tunggu, wakakakakaka.... lol

Saturday, May 19, 2007

#343 - LINK (#002 - Cerita 1)

Seperti yang aku janjiin kan, tiap ada posting baru di blog private, aku tulis announcement-nya disini dan juga linknya.

Oke deh, posting private pertama uda di-publish.

KLIK DISINI buat masuk ke blog private.


Btw, comment tentang isi dari posting itu JANGAN dimasukin disini yah, namanya aja private. Comment-nya ya masukin di comment-box di blog itu aja, THX (tar mulai link berikutnya comment-box disini ga aku aktifin deh, klo sekarang masih aku aktifin, he3... :) )

Thursday, May 17, 2007

#342 - WTF !!!


Well, you can read my review of the top 3 of American Idol this week here. Well, the bottom line of that entry was that I do think that Melinda was the best of the night and either Blake or Jordin who should get voted off.

I just watched the Result Show this week and after almost 60 millions number of votes, guess what?? The one who got voted off this week is:


What!!!! WTF!!! ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! I can't believe that!!!

She really deserves to be in the grand-finale!! She definitely is the best singer of the competition this season, she really always consistently delivered her songs greatly, and she also posses' the personality!!

Shoot!! The show is now anti-climax!! This is the first time I am disappointed with the result and top 2 amongst all seasons of American Idol!! C'Mon, Melinda deserves to be there in the finale stage in Kodak Theater!!

Well, calm down. What caused this?? Well, I think the judges and Ryan (the host) caused her elimination. The judges praised her, even Simon and Randy said Melinda would be in the final two. Ryan asked that question just after the vote lines were opened. I mean, that caused the votes moved from Melinda to either Blake or Jordin since Melinda Fans' would feel Melinda would be safe this week and therefore they rooted for their second winner which was likely unsafe. Unfortunately for Melinda, that killed her!! I think Ryan should not do that again in the next season!!

Damn!! I still hope I was just having a nightmare!!

However, being voted off from AI isn't always bad. Last year, Chris Daughtry got voted off in the top 4, but now he already sold much more albums than the winner Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. Three years ago, Jennifer Hudson got voted off in the top 7 but now she has won Oscar and has more success than some other contestants who ranked higher than her. The same thing will possibly happen to Melinda (and LaKisha) I think... :)

Btw, it was just like Gea's elimination last year in Indonesian Idol season 3. O yea, are you curious why don't I write about II?? Well, I'll write about it later, he3... :)

::: Top Three this season (left: Melinda Doolittle, middle: Blake Lewis, right: Jordin Sparks)

::: Melinda Doolittle

::: Melinda Doolittle (2)


Hmm, bisa dibaca deh review saya tentang 3 besar American Idol minggu ini disini. Hmm, inti dari posting itu sih adalah aku merasa bahwa Melinda adalah yang terbaik malam itu dan Blake atau Jordin yang akan tereliminasi.

Aku baru aja nonton Result Show minggu ini dan setelah hampir 60 juta suara yang masuk, tebak gimana?? Yang harus tersisih minggu ini adalah:


Apaaa!!!! WTF!!! ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! Gabisa dipercaya!!!

Dia bener-bener berhak untuk masuk di grandfinal minggu depan!! Dia bener-bener penyanyi yang terbaik dari kompetisi ini musim kali ini, dia selalu konsisten membawakan lagu-lagunya dengan bagus banget, dan dia juga memiliki karakter!!

Sialan!! Sekarang kan show-nya jadi anti-klimaks!! Ini pertama kalinya loh aku kecewa sama hasilnya dan 2 besarnya dari semua musim di American Idol!! Ayolah, Melinda berhak ada di sana di panggung final di Kodak Theater!!

Hmm, tenang tenang. Apa yang menyebabkan ini?? Hmm, aku rasa sih justru jurinya dan Ryan (pembawa acaranya) yang menyebabkan tereliminasinya dia. Juri-juri memuji dia, bahkan Simon dan Randy memprediksikan Melinda akan masuk ke 2 besar. Ryan menanyakan pertanyaan itu tepat habis saluran untuk voting dibuka. Maksudku, kan itu jadi menyebabkan voting yang seharusnya untuk Melinda berpindah entah ke Blake atau Jordin soale fansnya Melinda merasa Melinda akan aman minggu ini dan makanya mereka ngevote jagoan kedua mereka yang kayanya nggak aman. Malang untuk Melinda, itu membunuhnya!! Harusnya Ryan ga akan melakukan hal itu lagi deh musim depan!!

Sialan!! Aku masih berharap aku cuma mimpi buruk tuh!!

Ah, tapi tereliminasi di AI juga ga berarti buruk koq. Tahun lalu, Chris Daughtry tereliminasi di 4 besar, tapi sekarang dia udah menjual album jauh lebih banyak dari pemenangnya, Taylor Hicks dan Katharine McPhee. Tiga tahun lalu Jennifer Hudson tereliminasi di 7 besar, tapi sekarang dia malah uda menang Oscar dan lebih sukses dari beberapa kontestan lain dengan peringkat lebih tinggi. Hal yang sama mungkin akan terjadi pada Melinda (dan LaKisha) tuh... :)

Btw, itu mirip loh sama tereliminasinya Gea di Indonesian Idol musim 3 tahun lalu. O ya, penasarankah kenapa aku ga nulis II?? Hmmm, ntar deh kapan2 aku tulis, he3... :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

#341 - Wednesday and AI Top 3


Today is Wednesday and my second exam, discrete math, was held this morning. Well, there were several questions and I think I did really well, he3... :) There was actually 1 difficult question and I almost gave up on that number since for me, there was nothing to loose. Even if I let that question pass, I would still get a minimum score of 85, and that's a lot more than enough to secure my score as "A" this semester, he3... :) But then, since I still had about 30 minutes, I decided not to give up and worked a bit on it. Guess what?? I solved it!! He3... :) That was an open-book examination so I could look for an inspiration in my text-book and luckily, I found it!! Yaaayyy!!! So I can actually expect another score of 100 on this subject, he3... :)

Btw, watching the top 3 show of American Idol this week, I think:

IDOLS-01: Jordin Sparks
- Simon's choice : Wishin On A Star (score: 8.25)
- Clive Davis' choice : She Works Hard for The Money (score: 8.5)
- Past Performance : I Who Have Nothing (score: 9)
Average : 8.58

IDOLS-02: Blake Lewis
- Paula's choice : Roxanne (score: 8.5)
- Clive Davis' Choice : This Love (score: 8.75)
- Past Performance : When I Get You Alone (score: 8.5)
Average : 8.58

IDOLS-03: Melinda Doolittle
- Randy's choice : I Believe in You and Me (score: 9.5)
- Clive Davis' choice : Nutbush City Limits (score: 8.5)
- Past Performance : I'm A Woman (score: 9.5)
Average : 9.17

So, I think the one who gotta stop his/her journey at this point is gonnabe either Jordin or Blake. Melinda, with those performance, has booked the first ticket to the grand-finale next week. I dunno who's gonnabe eliminated, but there's one interesting fact:

Season 1: Nikki McKibbin sang first on the top 3 and got voted off
Season 2: Kimberley Locke sang first on the top 3 and got voted off
Season 3: Jasmine Trias sang first on the top 3 and got voted off
Season 4: Vonzell Solomon sang first on the top 3 and got voted off
Season 5: Elliott Yamin sang first on the top 3 and got voted off
Season 6: ??? (will Jordin get voted off??)

Btw, this morning I tried to vote but none of my trials was in even only once... :( We'll see the result tomorrow

::: Top Three AI 2007


Hari ini adalah Rabu dan ujian kedua saya, matematika diskret, diadakan pagi tadi. Hmm, ada beberapa pertanyaan dan aku mengerjakannya dengan baik, he3... :) Sebenere ada 1 nomer yang susah dan aku nyaris menyerah loh di nomer itu, soale ga ada yang dipertaruhkan sih. Walau aku membiarkan tuh nomer lewat ga dikerjain, aku masih dapet skor paling nggak 85, dan itu masih jauh lebih dari cukup untuk mengamankan nilai "A" semester ini, he3... :) Tapi kemudian gara-gara masih ada sekitar 30 menit, aku memutuskan gajadi menyerah dan nyoba ngerjain lagi deh. Dan gimana?? Aku memecahkannya loh!! He3... :) Kan ujiannya open-book tu, ya udah aku nyari aja inspirasi dari buku dan beruntung banget aku menemukannya!! Yaaayyy!!! Jadi ya bisa sih kayake aku mengharapkan nilai 100 di mata kuliah ini, he3... :)

Btw, nonton 3 besar American Idol minggu ini, menurut saya:

IDOLS-01: Jordin Sparks
- Simon's choice : Wishin On A Star (score: 8.25)
- Clive Davis' choice : She Works Hard for The Money (score: 8.5)
- Past Performance : I Who Have Nothing (score: 9)
Rata-Rata : 8.58

IDOLS-02: Blake Lewis
- Paula's choice : Roxanne (score: 8.5)
- Clive Davis' Choice : This Love (score: 8.75)
- Past Performance : When I Get You Alone (score: 8.5)
Rata-Rata : 8.58

IDOLS-03: Melinda Doolittle
- Randy's choice : I Believe in You and Me (score: 9.5)
- Clive Davis' choice : Nutbush City Limits (score: 8.5)
- Past Performance : I'm A Woman (score: 9.5)
Rata-Rata : 9.17

Jadi, aku rasa yang bakalan terhenti perjalanannya minggu ini bakalan Jordin atau Blake deh. Melinda, dengan penampilan2 itu, sudah memesan satu tiket deh di grandfinal minggu depan. Aku gatau sapa yang akan tereliminasi, tapi ada satu fakta menarik:

Season 1: Nikki McKibbin nyanyi pertama di 3 besar dan tereliminasi
Season 2: Kimberley Locke nyanyi pertama di 3 besar dan tereliminasi
Season 3: Jasmine Trias nyanyi pertama di 3 besar dan tereliminasi
Season 4: Vonzell Solomon nyanyi pertama di 3 besar dan tereliminasi
Season 5: Elliott Yamin nyanyi pertama di 3 besar dan tereliminasi
Season 6: ??? (apa Jordin akan tereliminasi??)

Btw, pagi ini aku dah nyoba vote tapi gada satupun yang masuk... :( Kita liat deh hasilnya besok

Monday, May 14, 2007

#340 - First Day of UAS


This morning I had my first subject examed on this first week of final examination, second calculus. Until about 1 hr ago I was so confident with my works and had strong feeling I could get 100, wakakakaka.... . BUT after thinking about it, well, now I'm not that confident anymore since I think I had made one small mistake which potentially caused my answer of 1 sub-question wrong... :( Arrrrgggghhhhh.... . However, I still hope I could get a minimum score of 90 to secure my score as "A" this semester for this subject, he3... :) :)

Btw, since there is still nobody who left his/her email yet to access my private blog, so please leave it now, here, okay?? He3.... :) Coz I'm just so lazy if next time when the blog has been updated then people start to request for the invitation, lol (so confident)... :P

Btw, so lucky there is no exam for tomorrow!! Yaaayyy!!! :)

::: quick update ::: (Mon, 14th May 2007; 6.13 PM)

Btw, just after getting back home this afternoon, I checked my book and apparently (and fortunately), THX God, my answer for that question I talked above, was correct!! Yaaayy!! So, now can expect my score 100 or at least 93, he3... :)


Pagi ini aku ada ujian pertama nih di minggu pertama Ujian Akhir ini, Kalkulus Dua. Sampai sekitar satu jam yang lalu, aku pede loh sama pekerjaanku dan punya feeling kuat kalo aku bisa dapet 100, wakakakaka.... . TETAPI habis memikirkannya lagi, hmm, sekarang aku jadi ga seyakin itu soale aku kayake uda membuat satu kesalahan kecil yang berpotensi membuat jawaban saya di satu sub-pertanyaan salah... :( Arrrrgggghhhhh.... . Bagaimanapun juga, aku masih berharap moga2 dapet nilainya minimal 90 lah untuk mengamankan nilai saya semester ini jadi "A" untuk mata kuliah ini, he3... :) :)

Btw, karena masih blon ada yang meninggalkan emailnya untuk mengakses blog pribadi saya, jadi klo tertarik kalo mau ninggalin emailnya disini aja ya, oke?? He3.... :) Soale males ni kalo besok2 pas dah ada apdet baru deh pada minta email, lol (PD)... :P

Btw, bruntung ni besok ga akan ada ujian!! Yaaayyy!!! :)

::: apdet cepet ::: (Senin, 14 Mei 2007; 6.13 sore)

Btw, habis balik ke kos siang tadi, aku ngecek buku saya dan ternyata (dan beruntung banget nih), Terima Kasih Tuhan, jawaban saya buat soal yang aku bicarain di atas bener!! Yaaayy!! Jadi, skarang saya kan jadi bisa berharap nilai saya 100 ato minimal 93 lah, he3... :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

#339 - Phiuhh!!!


Finally today is Saturday!! The end of this hell week!! At least I can feel relieved a bit after those things I passed this week and forget the fact that next Monday, final examination of this semester starts with second calculus. Well, I must do well on all upcoming exams, he3... :)

Btw, these last 3 days I visited Unpar's Open House at GSG and played some games in my department's stand, he3... :D And this afternoon, when I was there, there was a talk show and the guest was one Unpar's alumni, and now is famous as a news-reader (anchor), Chantal Della Concetta. Apparently, starting next Monday we won't be able to see her at Metro TV since starting next Monday, she works at RCTI. Well, FYI she's pretty, he3... :D

Hmm, I guess lately I like uploading the pic of my hand-made meal, lol (narcist). Last nite I made my own creation of instant fried noodle (it's just an ordinary instant fried noodle actually, he3... :D). Beside the noodle, I also put ham, scrambled egg, and 'abon' (beef floss). There's a pic of it below.... :D

O yea, btw, last month I created one new private blog, and I'll write everything which is more private there. Just like its name, it's PRIVATE. So, only invited people can access. If you're interested, please leave ur email so I can invite you, he3... :D Don't worry, I'll keep writing here and no need to change any link here. When there's one new entry there, I'll put the link here... :D

Hhhh, happy weekend everyone!! :)

::: talk-show starring Chantal Della Concetta this afternoon

::: My "own-creation" instant fried noodle, lol


Akhirnya ini Sabtu!! Akhir dari minggu neraka ini!! Paling ga aku bisa merasa sedkit lega lah sedikit habis semua hal yang aku lalui minggu ini dan melupakan fakta bahwa Senin besok, ujian akhir semester ini akan dimulai dengan Kalkulus Dua. Hmm, aku harus dapet nilai bagus nih di semua ujian yang akan datang, he3... :)

Btw, 3 hari terakhir ini aku selalu dateng di acara Open House-nya Unpar di GSG dan main game di stand-nya jurusanku, he3... :D Dan siang tadi, waktu aku disana, ada talk-show kan, nah bintang tamunya tu alumni Unpar, dan sekarang terkenal sebagai pembaca berita (anchor), Chantal Della Concetta. Ternyata, mulai Senin depan kita ga akan melihat dia di Metro TV soale mulai Senin besok ini, dia kerja di RCTI. Hmm, dia cakep loh, he3... :D

Hmm, aku rasa akhir2 ini aku jadi suka ya ngupload foto makanan buatan sendiri, lol (narsis). Semalem aku bikin mie goreng instan kreasi saya (sebenere cuma mi goreng biasa sih, he3... :D). Di samping mie, aku juga kasi ham, telor dadar, sama abon. Ada gambarnya tu di atas.... :D

O ya, btw, bulan lalu aku ngebikin satu blog private baru, dan aku akan nulis segala hal yang lebih privat (pribadi) disana. Seperti namanya kan, PRIVATE (PRIBADI). Makanya, cuma orang yang diundang aja yang bisa ngakses. Nah, kalo tertarik, tinggalkan email-nya ya, jadi kan bisa aku undang, he3... :D Ntar aku bakalan tetep nulis disini koq, dan ga perlu mengubah link ke blog-ku, soale tiap ada entry baru disana, aku akan tulis link-nya disini... :D

Hhhh, met wiken semuanya!! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

#338 - Thursday!!


Well, finally this was Thursday!! Today I had 2 assignments to submit. One of them was finished last night, and the other one was (luckily) done this morning. Just if my friend didn't send an email to me, on the latter assignment, I must have been dead... :(

Arrrggghhh, tomorrow I'm gonna have a quiz and 2 homeworks to submit!! Arrrggghhhh... . Why should the last week before UAS always be like this?? A full of homework and quiz week!! :(

Btw, lately every evening, I cooked sandwich, he3... :) Well, I don't put any vegies in my sandwich (wakakakakaka) but put cheese, ham, and scrambled egg in it. I have one pic of it, below.

Watching American Idol this week, each contestant sang 2 Bee Gees' songs, and my review:

IDOLS-01 : Melinda Doolittle
- First Song: Love You Inside Out (score: 8)
- Second Song: How to Mend a Broken Heart (score: 9.5)
Average: 8.75

IDOLS-02 : Blake Lewis
- First Song: You Should Be Dancing (score: 7.75)
- Second Song: This Is where I came in (score: 7.5)
Average: 7.63

IDOLS-03 : LaKisha Jones
- First Song: Staying Alive (score: 7.75)
- Second Song: Ran To Me (score: 8.25)
Average: 8

IDOLS-04 : Jordin Sparks
- First Song : To Love Somebody (score: 9)
- Second Song : Woman in Love (score: 8.25)
Average: 8.63

So, my bottom two:
3. LaKisha Jones
4. Blake Lewis

The Real Bottom two: LaKisha Jones and Blake Lewis.

Eliminated: LaKisha Jones

Hmm, no surprise, since Blake is the only white guy left and LaKisha didn't show us any great performance as her "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" on the top 24 round. Next week is the top three. Well, I guess Jordin or Blake will get voted off. Melinda is gonnabe in the finale I think, he3... :)

Btw, tonight at 9 PM, Star World is gonna air The Apprentice!! YAAAYYY... :)

::: My own-made sandwich

::: Bottom Two this week


Hhh, akhirnya ini Kamis!! Hari ini aku ada 2 tugas yang harus dikumpulin. Salah satunya udah selese kemarin malem, dan yang satu baru selese pagi tadi (untungnya). Klo temenku ga ngirim email ke aku, wah, di tugas yang kedua aku udah mati tuh... :(

Arrrggghhh, besok aku akan ada kuis dan 2 PR yang harus dikumpulin!! Arrrggghhhh... . Kenapa sih seminggu sebelum UAS selalu kaya gini?? Minggu yang penuh dengan pe-er dan kuis!! :(

Btw, akhir2 ini tiap malam, aku bikin sandwich loh, he3... :) Hmm, aku ga masukin satu pun sayuran (wakakakakaka) tapi masukin keju, ham, dan telor dadar di dalamnya. Ada tu gambarnya di atas.

Nonton American Idol minggu ini, tiap kontestan nyanyiin 2 lagunya Bee Gees, dan review saya:

IDOLS-01 : Melinda Doolittle
- Lagu Pertama: Love You Inside Out (score: 8)
- Lagu Kedua: How to Mend a Broken Heart (score: 9.5)
Rata-rata: 8.75

IDOLS-02 : Blake Lewis
- Lagu Pertama: You Should Be Dancing (score: 7.75)
- Lagu Kedua: This Is where I came in (score: 7.5)
Rata-rata: 7.63

IDOLS-03 : LaKisha Jones
- Lagu Pertama: Staying Alive (score: 7.75)
- Lagu Kedua: Ran To Me (score: 8.25)
Rata-rata: 8

IDOLS-04 : Jordin Sparks
- Lagu Pertama : To Love Somebody (score: 9)
- Lagu Kedua : Woman in Love (score: 8.25)
Rata-rata: 8.63

Jadi, dua terbawah saya:
3. LaKisha Jones
4. Blake Lewis

Dua Terbawah yang sebenarnya: LaKisha Jones dan Blake Lewis.

Tereliminasi: LaKisha Jones

Hmm, ga kaget si, soale Blake kan satu-satunya laki-laki bule yang tersisa dan LaKisha nggak menunjukkan penampilan sebagus "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going"-nya yang kaya di babak 24 besar itu. Minggu depan 3 besar. Aku tebak sih Jordin atau Blake yang akan tereliminasi. Melinda sih menurutku bakalan masuk 2 besar lah, he3... :)

Btw, ntar malem jam 9, Star World akan nayangin The Apprentice loh!! YAAAYYY... :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

#337 - TAR 11 Finale


Last night, the finale episode of The Amazing Race 11 was aired.

All three teams had to leave Guam to Honolulu, Hawaii. They all had to make flights to Tokyo first then continued their journey to Honolulu. In Guam, all of them booked the same flight. Once they arrived at Tokyo, Charla&Mirna were genius by finding another flight which was apparently earlier 40 minutes than flight they had reserved before. So, Charla and Mirna had the lead against Eric&Danielle and Dustin and Kandice rite now!! :) One they arrived at Honolulu, they had to take a charter helicopter to fly to Lanai which left 10 minutes apart. Predictably, Charla&Mirna got the first heli. After that they had to do a Detour Task and chose between "Under" or "Over". Charla and Mirna took Over where they had to paddle a surfing board (where Charla excelled at this task due to her handicap (handicap is not always bad, lol)). Dustin&Kandice and Eric and Danielle took "Under" where they had to swim to get the clues under the buoy. Then, they had to make their way to a shipwrecked and sail to a buoy against the wave to get the next clue. This is a 100% physical task. Even thought Charla&Mirna got the lead, Eric and Danielle and Dustin&Kandice could pass them. Eric and Danielle finished this task first, followed by Dustin&Kandice, and Charla and Mirna last. Then, they had to fly to the final destination, San Fransisco.

Btw, there was an unaired Road-Block which involved jumping off the cliff to the seashore in Hawaii.

Even though Eric&Danielle got the lead, they were all equalized again on the flight. Once they arrived at San Fransisco, they all went to SF Mill where they had to do their final task. One team member would answer 4 questions about what they thought about the other teams. After that he/she would get a 4-digit code which they should enter to the safebox. The team-mate then had to answer that 4 questions they thought the other team-mate had answered before. If they got it correct, the safebox would open and they could take the final clue. Otherwise, after 10 minutes, the guard would call them and hand them the last clue. Well, only Eric&Danielle got it correct. As a result, Eric&Danielle won The Amazing Race!! All eliminated teams (John Vito and Jill, Kevin and Drew, David and Mary, Rob&Amber, Teri and Ian, Joe and Bill, Uchenna and Joyce, and Oswald&Danny) waited for them on the finish line... :) Dustin and Kandice came second followed by Charla and Mirna.

Btw, Eric and Danielle really got through hell during the whole race. They got yielded TWICE, marked for elimination once, got bad luck on several flights (including got kicked off from a plane), and never won a single leg before!! But in the end, they won the 1 million dollar!! Hmmm.... . Either Charla&Mirna and Dustin and Kandice had won several legs before (2 and 4 respectively). On their original season, Eric (partenered with Jeremy) dominated the race but finished second on the final leg while Danielle (partnered with Dani) ended on #8. Dustin and Kandice played role as a villain on TAR 10 and finished #4. Charla and Mirna allied with Linda&Karen and confronted with Colin and Christie (team who won the MOST leg in one race so far which I hope would have joined TAR All-Stars but didn't since Christie was pregnant) on TAR5 finished #6.

Well, my most fave team on TAR All-Stars is Charla&Mirna, he3... :) Danny was right, they were class-act!! :)

Btw, my review could be read here at FS

::: Eric&Danielle ran to the final mat

::: Eric&Danielle won the race

::: Dustin&Kandice arrived second

::: Charla&Mirna arrived third


Semalem episode terakhir dari The Amazing Race 11 ditayangin.

Semua tiga tim meninggalkan Guam ke Honolulu, Hawaii. Mereka semua naik pesawat dulu ke Tokyo trus melanjutkan perjalanan ke Honolulu. Di Guam, mereka semua memesan penerbangan yang sama. Begitu mereka sampai di Tokyo, Charla and Mirna jenius banget dengan menemukan penerbangan lain yang ternyata lebih dulu 40 menit dari penerbangan yang sudah mereka pesen. Jadi, Charla&Mirna memimpin deh sementara di depan Eric and Danielle dan Dustin&Kandice saat ini!! :) Begitu mereka sampai di Honolulu, mereka harus naik helikopter pesanan untuk terbang ke Lanai yang berangkat terpisah 10 menit. Seperti yang sudah ditebak, Charla&Mirna aik heli yang pertama. Trus, mereka mesti melakukan Detour dan memilih di antara "Under" atau "Over". Charla&Mirna ngambil Over dimana mereka harus mengayuh papan selancar (Charla melakukan tugas dengan hebat karena kekurangannya (kekurangan ga selalu jelek ternyata, lol)). Dustin and Kandice dan Eric&Danielle ngambil tugas "Under" dimana mereka harus berenang untuk ngambil petunjuk di bawah pelampung. Trus mereka mesti pergi ke kapal yang terdampar dan mengayuh melawan ombak ke pelampung untuk mendapatkan petunjuk. Tugas ini 100% tugas fisik. Walaupun Charla and Mirna memimpin, Eric&Danielle dan Dustin and Kandice bisa menyalip mereka. Eric&Danielle selesai duluan, diikuti oleh Dustin and Kandice, dan Charla&Mirna terakhir. Trus mereka mesti pergi ke tujuan akhir, San Fransisco.

Btw, ternyata ada Road-Block yang ga ditayangin tuh yang mengikutsertakan melompat dari tebing ke laut di Hawaii.

Walau Eric and Danielle memimpin, mereka semua seimbang lagi di penerbangan. Begitu sampai di San Fransisco, mereka semua pergi ke SF Mill dimana mereka akan melakukan tugas akhir. Satu anggota tim harus menjawab 4 pertanyaan mengenai apa yang mereka pikirkan tennag tim lain. Habis itu dia akan mendapat 4 kote digit yang mereka masukkan ke brankas. Trus rekannya akan menjawab 4 pertanyaan yang mereka pikir pasangan mereka jawab. Kalo bener, brankasnya akan kebuka dan mereka bisa ngambil petunjuk terakhir. Kalo engga, habis 10 menit petugasnya akan manggil mereka dan ngasi petunjuk akhirnya. Hmm, cuma Eric&Danielle yang benar menjawab. Sebagai hasilnya, ya Eric and Danielle yang menang The Amazing Race!! Semua tim yang udah dieliminasi (John Vito and Jill, Kevin and Drew, David&Mary, Rob and Amber, Teri and Ian, Joe and Bill, Uchenna&Joyce, dan Oswald and Danny) menunggu mereka di garis finish... :) Dustin and Kandice sampai kedua diikuti Charla and Mirna.

Btw, Eric&Danielle memang bener-bener melewati neraka sih sepanjang pertandingan. Mereka di-yield DUA KALI, ditandai eliminasi sekali, bernasib buruk di beberapa penerbangan (termasuk dikeluarkan dari sebuah pesawat), dan nggak pernah memenangkan satu pun babak sebelumnya!! Tapi akhirnya, mereka yang menang 1 juta dolar!! Hmmm... . Semua Charla and Mirna mapun Dustin and Kandice udah memenangkan beberapa babak sebelumnya (2 dan 4 berurutan). Di musim awalnya, Eric (partner sama Jeremy) mendominasi pertandingan tapi selesai kedua di babak akhirnya sementara Danielle (partner sama Dani) tereliminasi di posisi #8. Dustin and Kandice berperan sebagai orang jahat di TAR 10 dan selesai #4. Charla&Mirna beraliansi dengan Linda and Karen dan berkonfrontasi dengan Colin and Christie (team yang menang PALING BANYAK babak dalam satu pertandingan sejauh ini dan aku harap bakalan ikutan TAR All-Stars tapi enggak gara-gara Christie hamil) di TAR5 dan selesai #6.

Hmm, tim paling favorit saya adalah Charla and Mirna, he3... :) Bener katanya Danny, mereka benar-benar "berkualitas"!! :)

Btw, review-ku bisa dibaca disini di FS