Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chinese Horoscope about the Year of Fire Dog

We don't have to believe this, but there's nothing wrong if we just read and find out some good advices.... :)

RAT (1960, 1972, 1984, 1996)

Rats can expect romantic ups and downs and tests of loyalty in the Year of the Dog. The ups occur with friends who are kindred spirits. The downs happen when you are not tactful but outrageously, excessively outspoken. You say too much, or not enough, about how you feel at the deepest levels. This year you should be well-paid for devoted service. Be sure to get busy or start saving for rainy days if you haven't been doing your job! Physically, you are a whirlwind. You will do to apply some of that excess energy to the social cause or community effort of your choice in the Year of the Fire Dog.

OX (1961, 1973, 1985, 1997)

Romantically, Oxen place physical appearance high on their list of qualities. No, you won't be attracted to 'dogs,' in the Year of the Dog, but you'll be drawn to other, more valuable traits that make relationships more enduring than looks alone. In this light, you should find love. The fiery year stirs your passion, including a temper somewhat on edge, especially when people violate your principles. You take work seriously, with a traditional eye on the future. You desire money and power and you could get one, the other or both as rewards for faithful past service.

TIGER (1962, 1974, 1986, 1998)

Give and you shall receive, especially in personal relationships. You'll make better romantic choices initially. You intuit whether someone is right or wrong for you and you learn to trust your wise inner teacher's advice. You make and retain lots of friendships in 2006. If you've been a cooperative, loyal Tiger, you reap the rewards that you deserve. If not, your company has you by the tail and your tail could be out the door in a year when loyalty rules. On a positive note, you show enthusiasm and versatility. This could be the year you open that lucrative little side business you have dreamed and talked about.

RABBIT (1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)

This year, you had better work on enhancing bunny pluck and nerve. A jumpy or shy Rabbit misses the warm and easy friendships available in the year ahead. 2006 could bring the loyal mate on your wish list. Yes, many people are finally going to grasp the idea that honesty is the best policy in the Year of the Dog. Valuable acquaintances multiply professionally. Your company is more likely to reward you for faithful service and to recognize your leadership skills. It is a year to shine!

DRAGON (1952, 1964, 1976, 1988)

Are you serious? Are you devoted to the truth? If not, you have to be in the Year of the Dog. You can't make it your way, anyway. In other words, one can't throw Dragon-like hissy fits and expect to be forgiven in a flash. The good news is that you easily make lots of professional friends, but you do have to stay around and demonstrate reliability. The scene changes for single Dragons, when looks aren't as important as what's on the inside. Sweet, humble and loveable Dragon, you fortunately naturally possess the latter. It's a rewarding year when you accentuate the positives.

SNAKE (1953, 1965, 1977, 1989)

Boo! Hiss! The Year of the Dog is not one of your easiest years. Conditions improve by being up front, with honesty as 'the best policy' rather than being coiled and ready to strike. The sincere approach is necessary when people are prone to sniffing things out that others don't want them to know. Get ready to network and mingle, because loners are quickly cut out of the pack. Dating Snakes are charismatic and attract attention. The romantic caveat is that, in love, boa constrictors need not apply. A mate needs space and will growl and snap if it is denied.

HORSE (1954, 1966, 1978, 1990)

It is a good year for you, dear Horse. Business Dog-types adore and protect anyone who is neither narrow-minded nor selfish - which of course, you are not! Your boundless energy is just fine, thank you. Just polish up patience and flexibility. There will be lots of changes and tweaking to get plans to come together. It's a good thing you can be ready to travel at a moment's notice, because you could be on the move a lot. Dating Horses are lucky in love in 2006, as are Horse couples. Singles are easily distracted, so there may be more than a few affairs going on. Better postpone making a commitment.

GOAT (1955, 1967, 1979, 1991)

The Year of the Dog is a good one for Goats! Where others lack consistency, you are the one that concerned canines can depend on to turn their dreams into realities, because you care too. In 2006, your networking connections become expansive so keep in touch now and in the future. Loving Goats discover it is best to start relationships as friendships, the best foundation upon which to build. While grand for business and love, you could find yourself with depleted cash flow if you entertain lavishly and overextend financially, which is unnecessary to impress humble Dogs.

MONKEY (1956, 1968, 1980, 1992)

Monkeys can flirt until blue in the face, while also whispering sexy innuendos, but neither approach works in a Doggie-type world. The winning approach is a moralistically true one. Forget pretending to be that. You've got to prove it every day, and can with the right person. Business gets serious in 2006. Not that you would intentionally deceive, but get ready for any deception or hint of it to be 'sniffed out.' Perpetrators are caught and punished, and deservedly so. It's payback time. On a positive note, share your creative ideas. Dog-types love them.

ROOSTER (1957, 1969, 1981, 1993)

2006 may not be something to crow about. You remain competitive, highly motivated and single-minded, but then that is your style. In 2006, such behavior may give others the impression of abrasiveness! You get growled and snapped at by Dog-types who expect a peace-loving and loyal team spirit, so start mustering some. Nitpicking and dissing others to make yourself look good doesn't work in Doggie-land. Single Roosters fight for the right to love the one they want and won't give up until they win an elusive heart. 'No' turns to 'Yes,' or vice-versa, depending on finesse.

DOG (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994)

A 'fire' in the Year of the Dog stimulates confidence and energy. You make a difference no matter what cause you choose to fight for or which underdog you reach out to, and there are many. You are sweet, warm, and loving, but won't be pushed around either - and that is a good thing. Sometimes people take too much advantage, but not this year. In 2006, you'll show management that you are a leader, not just a follower. And, if they don't appreciate your talent, well, someone else will. Single Dogs are charismatic and it is your year for enduring love. Don't rush into something. Your special year is over twelve months long!

PIG (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995)

You've got fire in your eyes in 2006, sweet Pig. Those who know you best (or as well as anyone can really know you - even your own self) will say, 'The old you is back and better than ever.' You are more willing to try and become richer in many ways, including monetarily. Romance is a risk you are brave and confident enough to take. Being a loyal partner who offers unconditional friendship is easy for you. Since you place a high value on the same, your more questionable aiders, abettors and enablers seem too superficial. Old acquaintances are forgot. You are more content day-by-day in your long-term union, simply and beautifully motivated by love.

quoted from

Happy Chinese New Year 2557

Kiong hie, kiong hie...

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Wan Shi Ru Yi - Shen Ti Jian Kang
(Be successful and healthy all the time)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Retreat at Tawangmangu


Probably I don't write much here, but (as the compliment) I put some pictures that I took during my retreat days.... :)

On Wednesday at 11.15 PM I arrived at school to depart to Tawangmangu. After everything was fine and ready, I boarded to the bus. Fortunately, the bus was good, at least it had AC (well, I think if there was no AC, I would be dying during the trip....).

We arrived there at 14.45 PM, and because we hadn't had lunch yet, we tried to find a small restaurant (we can't expect a big and luxurious restaurant at Tawangmangu. However, if there are some, they must be far away from us since the retreat house is not exactly located in Tawangmangu, about 3 km I think, and we didn't have enough time (and energy) to walk that far). Tawangmangu is on the slope of Lawu Mount, so it was hilly. When, we left the retreat house, we walked down. Then, we ate in a small (and greedy, it was expensive, probably because they knew that we were outsiders) restaurant. After that, we had to 'climb' the road to get back to the retreat house, and I was dying. My stomach was full of food, and I had to take an 'exercise' by climbing the road.... . At that time, I was reminded to the step machine in the fitness centre.

Well, then the retreat started. I won't tell you what exactly happened there because it can take millions of pages if I write them all... :). I'll just tell you some 'interesting' things that happened there.

First and Second Days, they were not very hard. We had to write a lot on the second day about ourselves personally. It was not a matter. However, the hardest and most critical day was the third day (Friday), started in the afternoon. We had to do silencium magnum started at 2.30 PM until 8 AM the next day, we were not allowed to communicate to each other, even only a small blink. Well, human is a social 'animal'. Sometimes, when we had chance, we whispered to each other and talked about something. Then, we also had a repentance in the evening (it was scheduled to finish at 21.30, however unpredictably it took more time and finally finished at 22.30). It was not finished yet, we also had a reconciliation. We prayed to The God, then found our sins, and regretted it, and promised not to do that again. It sounds simple right? But it was NOT that simple. Some of my friends regretted so much and felt guilty, and at that time they cried. Well, I didn't cry and I didn't fell that guilty (because I'm a good boy, Lol... :D)

Finally, the last day came. After the silencium magnum finished, we all felt relieved.... . We could talk to each other freely... . Then, at 1.30 PM finally the bus arrived, and after having lunch (and also packing our bags), we got back home....

::: My Bags ::: Maria Cave

::: Some views of the Retreat House

::: The room Tag ::: My Bed Room

::: The 'Classroom'

::: The Front View of The Retreat House (taken from the 'classroom' )

::: My Bus

::: taken on the trip to Tawangmangu


Mungkin aku nggak nulis banyak disini sekarang, tetapi (sebagai komplimennya) aku upload beberapa gambar yang aku ambil pas retret.... :)

Hari Rabu jam 11.15 siang, aku sampe di sekolah untuk berangkat ke Tawangmangu. Habis semuanya ok dan siap, aku naik ke bis. Untungnya, bisnya lumayan, minimal ada ACnya (aku bayangin kalo nggak ada ACnya, aku bakalan menderita sepanjang perjalanan tuh...).

Kami sampe disana jam 14.45 sore dan karena belum makan, kami mencoba untuk nyari resotran kecil (kita nggak bisa mengharapkan restoran besar dan mewah di Tawangmangu. Tetapi kalaupun ada beberapa, mesti jauh banget dari kami soalnya kan tempat retretnya tuh nggak terletak di Tawangmangunya, sekitar 3 km kayaknya, dan kami nggak punya cukup waktu (dan tenaga) untuk jalan sejauh itu). Tawangmangu tuh terletak di lereng Gunung Lawu, jadi berbukit-bukit gitu. Jadi, waktu kita ninggalin rumah retret, kita jalan turun. Trus, kita makan di restoran kecil dan serakah (soalnya mahal banget, mungkin gara-gara mereka tau kita orang luar). Habis itu, kita mesti 'mendaki' jalan untuk balik ke rumah retret, aku menderita banget. Perutku penuh sama makanan, dan aku mesti berolahraga dengan mendaki jalan... . Waktu itu, aku diingatkan sama mesin step di tempat fitness.

Trus, retretnya dimulai. Aku nggak bakalan nulis sedetail-detailnya apa yg terjadi disana, soalnya bakalan memakan berjuta-juta halaman tuh kalo semuanya ditulius... :) Aku cuma nulis beberapa hal yang 'menarik' disana.

Hari Pertama dan Kedua, nggak begitu berat deh. Kita cuma harus nulis banyak tentang diri kita secara personal di hari kedua. Nggak masalah sih. Tapi, hari yang paling berat dan kritis adalah hari ketiga (Jumat), dimulai siang hari. Kita mesti melakukan silencium magnum dari jam 2.30 sampe jam 8 esok harinya. Kita nggak diijinkan untuk berkomunikasi satu sama lain, bahkan hanya satu kedipan kecil mata. Tapi, manusia tuh 'binatang' sosial. Jadi, waktu ada kesempatan, kita bisik-bisik sama yang lain dan ngomongin apa kek gitu. Trus, kita ada pengakuan dosa di malam harinya (direncanain sih selesainya jam 21.30, ternyata makan lebih banyak waktu dan akhirnya selesai jam 22.30). Tapi itu masih belum selesai, kita ada rekonsiliasi. Kita berdoa ke Tuhan, menyadari dosa-dosa kita, dan menyesalkannya, trus berjanji nggak melakukannya lagi. Kedengaran sederhana bukan?Tapi ini TIDAK sesimpel itu. Beberapa temenku menyesal banget dan merasa bersalah, dan waktu itu mereka menangis. Tapi aku nggak nangis dan nggak merasa bersalah banget (soalnya kan aku anaik baik, Lol... :D)

Akhirnya hari terakhir datang. Habis silencium magnum selesai, kita merada dibebaskan.... . Kita bisa bicara dengan bebas. Trus, akhirnya jam 1.30 siang busnya dateng, trus habis makan siang (dan ngepak barang), kita pulang....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Two Busy and Exhausting Days plus Going on Retreat


I was so busy these two days (Monday and Tuesday). I felt so exhausted and thought that I felt sleepy all the time.

On Monday, we had a chemistry exam. I think it was well (although I'm not sure with some answers). Well, Monday is the hardest day during the week. Therefore, after getting back from school every Monday I always feel sleepy and what I wanna do is just taking a nap. Anyway, after getting back home yesterday, just like usual, I felt asleep and I was so tired. However, I thought I needed to open my email, and I surfed the net. Well, apparently, I have to arrange some things. Therefore, I rang Jakarta in the afternoon asking for some infos. Then, I had to call a bank to ask for a bankdraft. Everything was fine fortunately. I finished arranging all things at 4 PM, and I was so tired and sleepy. Then, I took a nap just form 45 minutes because at 6 PM I had to go to my TOEFL preparation.

At 6 PM, I had my TOEFL class. Just like usual, it ended at 7.30 PM. Then, I went back home after getting to the gas station since my car's fuel tank was 'very thirsty to drink'. After that, it was not over yet. I still had to schedule my TOEFL test in Jakarta. Then, after I paid the test, I was able to feel relieved.

On Tuesday, I had to get up 30 minutes earlier since my parents were going to Jakarta in a morning flight. Well, I guess you know how I was. I was like a zombie which had just been woken up and had no fire. I was so sleepy during the schoolday this morning.

Then, after getting back school, I was still not allowed to feel relieve by jumping onto my beloved bed. I had to go to the bank to manage my bankdraft. It was not hard and complicated actually, but I had to queue and this took most of the time. After getting the bankdraft (well, the process of getting the bankdraft took 1 hour of time), I had to photocopy it first as the holder. I went to a small photocopy center, but unfortunately, the machine was broken down (well, how come they called themselves 'photocopy center' when their machine was broken down??). Then, I decided to go to a big photocopy center, and had 2 copies of the bankdraft. Then, it was not over yet. I went to DHL to send those documents. Well, after that I could feel relieved.

After getting back home at 3.15 PM, again I couldn't enjoy my beloved bed. At 4.30 PM I had my English class, and we had final exam. So, during that time I had to prepare myself. However, the class ended late since I had my final presentation today (which is supposed to be taken next Thursday, but because I can't be there on Thursday, I took it today). It ended at 6.50 PM. Well, then I went to Mc'D and bought take away burgers then picked my brother up from his English class. At 7.45, I arrived at home. I was also starving because I had not been eating since 5.45 AM in the morning. I ordered pizza and lasagna. They look tasty, right? (look at the pic below).

Well, tomorrow I'm going on a retreat with my school until Saturday at Tawangmangu. It means that I will not touch a machine called computer for 3,5 days. So, I won't be online until Saturday.... :( I will yell you what happen there after I come back, and hopefully I can take some interesting pics there... :)


Aku sibuk banget 2 hari ini (Senen dan Selasa). Aku capek banget dan aku ngerasa kalo aku tuh ngantuk sepanjang waktu.

Di hari Senin, aku ada ulangan kimia. Kayaknya sih ok2 aja (walaupun aku nggak yakin dengan beberapa jawaban). Senen tuh hari terberat selama seminggu. Makanya, habis pulang sekolah tiap Senen, aku selalu ngerasa ngantuk dan apa yang pingin aku lakuin cuma bobo. Tapi, habis pulang sekolah kemarin, kayak biasa, aku ngerasa ngantuk dan capek banget. Tapi, aku ngerasa kalo aku perlu buka email, jadilah aku main internet. Ternyata, aku mesti ngurus beberapa hal. Jadi, aku telpon Jakarta siangnya nanya beberapa info. Trus aku telpon ke bank untuk minta bankdraft. Semuanya ok2 aja untungnya. Aku selesai ngatur semua tuh jam 4 sore dan aku ngerasa capek dan ngantuk banget. Trus, aku tidur selama cuma 45 menit soalnya jam 6 aku mesti pergi ke kelas TOEFLku.

Jam 6, aku ada kelas TOEFL. Kayak biasanya, selesainya jam 7.30 malem. Habis itu aku pulang ke rumah habis pergi ke pom bensin soalnya tangki bensin mobilku tuh lagi 'haus banget pingin minum'. Habis itu, semua ternyata belom selese. Aku mesti njadwal TOEFL tesku di Jakarta. Trus, habis bayar, aku baru bisa merasa lega.

Di hari Selasa, aku mesti bangun 30 menit labih pagi soalnya ortuku pergi ke Jakarta naik pesawat pagi hari ini. Menurutku kamu tau deh aku gimana pagi ini. Aku kayak zombie yang baru aja dibangunin dan kayak nggak ada semangatnya gitu.Aku ngantuk banget di sekolah pagi ini.

Trus, habis pulang sekolah, aku masih belum diijinkan untuk lega dengan lompat ke kasurku tercinta. Aku mesti pergi ke bank untuk ngurus bankdraftku. Nggak susah-suah amat ato rumit ternyata, tapi aku mesti ngantri dan ini yang ngabisin banyak waktu. Habis dapet bankdraftnya (ternyata proses untuk ngedapetinnya 1 jam), aku mesti fotokopi sebagai pemegangnya. Aku pergi ke tempat fotokopi kecil, tapi sayangnya, mesinnya rusah (koq bisa-bisanya sih mereka nyebut dirinya tempat fotokopi padahal mesinnya rusak??). Ya udah, akhirnya aku mutusin buat pergi ke tempat fotokopian yg lebih besar. Trus, itu belum selesai. Aku pergi ke DHL buat ngirim semua dokumen. Habis itu, aku baru bisa lumayan lega.

Habis sampe rumah jam 3.15 sore, lagi-lagi aku nggak bisa menikmati kasur tercintaku. Jam 4.30 sore aku ada kelas Inggris dan ada ujian akhir. Jadi, selama waktu itu aku mempersiapkan diri. Ternyata, kelasnya selesai telat soalnya aku presentasinya hari ini (harusnya sih besok Kamis tapi kan aku besok Kamis gabisa, jadinya diganti hari ini). Kelasnya selese jam 6.50. Trus aku pergi ke Mc'D buat beli burger lewat drive thru nya. Habis itu aku mesti njemput adikku dari les Inggris. Jam 7.45 akhirnya aku sampe rumah. Aku laper banget gara-gara nggak makan sejak pagi. Aku pesen pizza sama lasagna. Keliatan enak kan? (liat gambar di atas)

Besok aku pergi ikut retret sama sekolah di Tawangmangu sampe Sabtu. Itu artinya aku nggak bakalan memegang mesin bernama komputer selama 3,5 hari. Jadi, aku nggak bakalan online sampe Sabtu.... :( Aku akan crita apa yg terjadi disana habis aku pulang, dan moga-moga aku dapet beberapa gambar menarik disana....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Earth = Me???

What is your inner Spirit?

brought to you by Quizilla

The quick test gave me the result above... . Actually I don't really care whether that is right or not. However, if I read at Feng Shui books and match my birthday and birthhour, they also show earth as my element.... . In fact, I was born in 1988, and my shio is earth dragon... . (earth earth and earth....)

Hmm.............. :thinking:

Friday, January 20, 2006

Do You Believe in 'Bad Day'???


Well, this Friday is not the Friday that I like. I think this was not my day....

First, today we had a history exam this morning. It was not very hard actually (the history exam last semester was a lot harder), but I still prefer not having exam.... . Lol

Second, at school today my class watched a movie. The title is 'The Beautiful Mind'. The movie was about a genius man who suffered from shizophrenia. It was good and I like it (actually my father asked me to watch this film but I always had no time to watch it... :D). Unfortunately, when it was down to the climax of the film, there was an announcement for the students to go back to the classroom and leave our cellularphones in the classroom then we had to go to the hall. D**n!! It sucks!!! It was down to the climax of the film and we had to leave it!?!?!?! Oh, s**t.

Then, I found out that a pupil from the first grade lost his cellular phone. Therefore, my school decided to do a quick 'raid' to the students. We had to leave our bellongings (especially cellular phones) in our classrooms and we had to go to the hall. While we were waiting, some teachers checked our classrooms. I was wondering how this case could happen. Finally, I found it out.

Here is the story. Let's just say that the pupil who lost his cellular phone is A. On the breaktime, some A's friends borrowed his cellphone, and A lent it to them. Unbelievably, these friends asked the PIN number of the cellphone (it's unbelievable, PIN code is personal. I never ask to someone about his/her PIN code). And the more unbelievable thing is that A told the PIN number.... . MORON!!!! PIN code is made for our cellphone's security and A just told it easily and innocently to his friends!?!?!?! And then, another unbelievable thing, when the bell rang for the next lesson (this class had a lesson outside the classroom) his friend just put this cellphone on a desk in the classroom and innocently just left the cellphone lying on the table. What!?!?!?!

Well. I think the raid was unefficient. Why? Because the school informed first about this raid quite explicitly (well, if people are ordered to leave their bellongings in a room and they must leave that room, then they will be suspicious, won't they?). This weakness was probably made use by the thief. This thief is smart for sure and probably he saved that cellphone in a secure place. Well, just like what I had supposed before, the thief was not caught.

Let's just move to another thing. Actually this afternoon 2 friends and I planned to go out together. BUT, one friend didn't come and broke the promise without said even a word to me that he would not come.... . I hate this.... . Arrrgghhhh.... . He just messed up all plans..

Then, I just went to a bookstore and bought a book there, the title is the Memoirs of a Geisha. My friend has watched its film and he said that it was good and interesting. I am interested and I just bought it.

Fourth, actually I planned to go to a cafe to have dinner there and read this book while waiting for my TOEFL class. Unfortunately, the cafe was CLOSE today!!! Arrggghhh.....

Then, when I wrote this message, the computer was error. It sucks!!! I had written half and the computer didn't work!! I had to restart the computer and of course retype all words!!!

Well, do you believe in bad day??


Hmmm, Jumat ini bukanlah hari Jumat yang aku suka. Kayaknya sih ini bukan hariku....

Pertama, hari ini ada ulangan sejarah pagi ini. Nggak susah-susah amat sih sebenarnya (ulangan sejarahnya semester lalu lebih susah), tapi aku masih lebih suka kalo nggak ulangan.... . Hahaha

Kedua, di sekolah hari ini kelasku nonton film. Judulnya adalah 'The Beautiful Mind'. Ceritanya tuh tentang seorang yang jenius tapi menderita penyakit sizhophrenia. Ceritanya bagus dan aku suka (sebenarnya sih papaku dah nyuruh aku buat nonton, tapi aku nggak ada waktu buat nonton... :D). Sayangnya, waktu dah masuk ke klimaks filmnya, ada pengumuman kalo murid-murid mesti balik ke ruangan kelas dan meninggalkan handphone kita disana trus kita mesti pergi ke aula. Br*****k!! Nyebelin banget!! Dah sampe klimaks tuh filmnya trus kita mesti nyetop nonton!?!?!?! Oh, s**t.

Trus, aku tahu kalo ternyata ada seorang murid kelas satu yang kehilangan HP. Makanya, sekoalhku mutusin buat melakukan 'razia' cepet ke murid-murid. Kita mesti ninggalin barang-barang kita (terutama HP) di kelas trus pergi ke aula. Waktu kita lagi nunggu, beberapa guru ngecek kelas kita. Aku penasaran koq kasus ini bisa terjadi. Akhirnya, aku tahu.

Begini ceritanya. Hmm, kita bilang aja deh kalo murid yang kehilangan HP ini si A. Nah,waktu istirahat, beberapa temen si A ini pinjem HPnya si A, trus A minjemin gitu. Nggak bisa dipercaya, temen-temennya ini nanya nomer PIN HP si A ini (nggak bisa dipercaya, PIN kan personal sifatnya. Aku nggak bakalan nanya nomer PIN seseorang lah....). Trus, yang lebih nggak bisa dipercaya lagi, si A ngasi tau nomer PINnya.... . TOLOL!!! Nomer PIN kan dibuat untuk keamanan HP kita dan A dengan gampangnya dan polosnya ngasi tau nomer PINnya ke temennya!?!?!?! Trus, hal lain yang nggak bisa dipercaya, waktu bel bunyi untuk pelajaran berikutnya (kelas ini ada pelajaran di luar kelas) temennya cuma naruh tuh HP di atas meja di dalem kelas dan dengan tanpa rasa bersalaha meninggalkan tuh HP di atas meja. Apa!?!?!?!

Sebenarnya, menurutku razia ini nggak efisien. Kenapa? Soalnya sekolah ngasi tau dulu secara eksplisit (kalo orang disuruh untuk ninggalin barangnya di suatu ruangan dan mereka mesti ninggalin tuh ruangan, pasti mereka bakal curiga kan??). Kelemahan ini kayaknya dimanfaatin sama pelakunya. Pelaku ini kan tentu aja pinter dan mungkin dia nyimpen HP di tempat yang aman. Hmm, kayak yang udah aku duga sebelumnya, pencurinya nggak ketangkep. I

Dah ah, ayo ngomongin yang lain aja. Sebenarnya siang ini 2 temenku sama aku rencana mau pergi. TAPI, salah satu temenku nggak dateng dan melanggar janji tanpa ngomongin lebih dulu kalo dia nggak bakalan dateng... . Aku benci kayak gini.... . Arrrgghhhh..... . Dia menghancurkan segala rencana....

Trus, aku pergi ke toko buku dan beli sebuah buku disana yang berjudul Memoar seorang Geisha. Temenku dah nonton filamnya dan katanya sih bagus dan menarik. Nah, aku tertarik dan aku akhirnya beli tuh buku.

Keempat, sebenarnya aku berencana mo ke kafe untuk makan sambil baca nih buku sekalian ngisi waktu nunggu kelas TOEFL. Sayangnya, kafenya TUTUP!!! Arrggghhhh.....

Trus, waktu aku nulis message ini, komputerku error. Nyebelin banget!! Aku dah nulis setengah dan komputernya nggak jalan!! Aku mesti nge-restart ulang nih komputer dan tentu aja ngetik ulang semuanya!!!

Hmm, apakah kamu percaya hari buruk??

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some Fun Things

I've found some funny things recently, and here they are:

1. Color

Try to mention the color quickly, but DON'T read the word!!!


2. p = F / A

This is a short story:


Once all the scientists die and go to heaven............
They decide to play hide-n-seek........
Unfortunately Einstein is the one who has the den...........
He is supposed to count up to 100...
and then start searching.....
Everyone starts hiding except Newton.........
Newton just draws a square of 1 meter and stands in it right in front of Einstein...........
Einstein's counting1, 2, 3......97, 98, 99..... 100........
He opens his eyes and finds Newton standing in front........
Einstein says "newton's out..newton's....out....."
Newton denies and says i am not out........
He claims that he is not Newton......
All the scientists come out to see how he proves that he is not Newton..........
Newton says "I am standing in a square of area 1 m squared.....
That makes me Newton per meter squared......
since one Newton per meter squared is one Pascal, I'm Pascal, Therefore Pascal is OUT...........!

3. Little Quizes...

Try to answer all of them and write ur answers on the comments area!! :) I'll wait you there... :) Who will get 100???? :)


a. Why can't a man who live in The US be burried in Japan?

b. One day, a car driver drove in a city. The electricity was out, so no lamps were on. His car's lamps were also broken. However, a black cat surprisingly jumped to the road and the man pushed his car's break and the accident was avoided. How could this man see the cat?

c. How could a dog which is tied with a 1 meter rope catch a ball 2 meters away from it?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Exhausting Monday


Today is Monday, the day that I don't really like. I had 8 hours lessons at school today. I also had a chemistry work in the lab this morning. The experiment was about Natrium. First we had to fill a glass with 100 mL water and then dropped a little phenol phtalein into it. Then, we took a very little ammount of Natrium and dropped it onto the water and closed the mouth of the glass. Then the water's colour became pink (because NaOH was formed, and NaOH is alkali). Then, we had to do the same thing again but now we dropped magnesium.

I got back home at 13.35 in the afternoon. I was so exhausted because I had to write a lot of things at school today. All my right fingers were suffering... .Lol.

At 18.00 I went to my Toefl Preparation Class. At 19.30, the class was over and I got back home. At home I surfed the net and then watched tv.

Just like what I said before. Today we had the final round of The Apprentice Indonesia with 2 candidates left, Fendi vs Lila. On the final task (they had different task to do), Fendi beat Lila since Fendi's customer was very satisfied with his job and Lila's customer was a lil' disatisfied. Then, finally, Peter F. Gontha decided to hire Fendi as The First Apprentice Indonesia. Congratulations to Fendi!! Well, the show was just 1 hour which I think it was too short and a lil' disatisfying (for me). I supposed that it would be 2 hours show...

Natrium after being added to the water with phenol phtalein

The Top Three of The Apprentice Indonesia


Hari ini adalah Senin, hari yang nggak begitu aku suka. Aku ada 8 jam pelajaran hari ini. Aku juga mesti ngerjain praktikum kimia di lab. Percobaannya tadi tentang logam Natrium. Pertamanya kita mesti ngisi gelas dengan 100 mL air, trus netesin sedikit phenol phtalein ke dalamnya. Trus, kita ngambil sedikit logam Natrium trus dimasukin deh tuh logam ke gelasnya dan nutup mulut gelasnya. Trus, airnya berubah jadi berwarna merah muda (soalnya kan terbentuk NaOH yang bersifat basa). Trus kita mesti ngelakuin lagi hal yang sama, cuma yang dimasukin adalah magnesium.

Aku pulang jam 13.35 siangnya. Aku capek banget soalnya aku mesti nulis banyaak banget di sekolah hari ini. Semua jari kananku menderita nih.... . Lol.

Jam 18.00 sore, aku pergi ke tempat kursus persiapan Toefl. Jam 19.30 kelasnya selesai trus aku pulang. Di rumah aku main internet trus nonton tv.

Kayak yang udah aku bilang sebelumnya, hari ini ada babak final dari The Apprentice Indonesia dengan 2 kandidat yang tersisa. Fendi lawan Lila. Di tugas terakhir (mereka mesti ngerjain tugas yang berbeda), Fendi ngalahin Lila soalnya pelanggannya Fendi merasa sangat puas dengan pekerjaannya, sementara pelanggannya Lila merasa agak nggak puas. Trus, akhirnya, Peetr F. Gontha memutuskan untuk menerima Fendi sebagai The Apprentice Indonesia yang pertama. Selamat untuk Fendi!! Trus, tadi shownya cuma 1 jam yang menurutku terlalu singkat dan agak kurang memuaskan. Aku kira bakalan 2 jam tuh....

Saturday, January 14, 2006

This WeekEnd


Today there was nothing special at school. I got back from school at 11.10 AM (that's why I also like Saturday). I think I will have 2 most favorite days starting next week, Friday and Saturday....

This evening my friend invited me to come to her birthday party. Well, not a party actually, the word celebration is better to describe it :) I arrived at Popeye's Restaurant (where she had the celebration) at 16.45 PM. Then, at 17.30 we had dinner. Well, just to be honest, it was such a boring celebration. However, I left the restaurant at 18.30 PM.

On the way home, I got an sms from my friends. They asked me to play bowling. I accepted it. Then, I picked them up and I got back home to take some bowling vouchers. Then, we played bowling. It was not my day. I played terrible. Probably because I wore a shirt (a party shirt) at that time and I think it was unfit to be worn when we wanted to play bowling... . My arms moving were terrible and I found out that my shirt was a big obstacle at that time.

Then, after playing bowling, we had dinner (again) at Silla Restaurant. Actually at first we planned to have dinner somewhere else, but that restaurant was FULL!!! >> it had been 21.00 PM and it's still full? Wow....

We finished eating at 22.30 PM and went back home...


Hari ini nggak ada yang spesial di sekolah. Aku pulang jam 11.10 pagi (itulah kenapa aku juga suka Sabtu). Kayaknya sih mulai minggu depan aku bakalan punya 2 hari paling favorit, Jumat dan Sabtu...

Sore tadi aku diundang temenku untuk dateng ke pesta ulang tahunnya. Sebenarnya bukan pesta sih, kayaknya kata ngerayain lebih tepat deh untuk mendeskripsikan :) Aku sampe di Restoran Popeye's (tempat dimana dia ngerayain) jam 16.45 sore. Trus jam 17.30 malem makan. Umm, jujur aja nih, tadi acaranya ngebosenin banget. Trus jam 18.30 aku pulang deh.

Dalam perjalanan pulang, aku dapet sms dari temenku. Mereka ngajak aku main bowling. Ya udah, aku ok2 aja. Trus aku jemput mereka trus pulang dulu ke rumah untuk ngambil voucher bowling. Trus, kita main bowling. Hari ini bukan hariku. Aku main jelek banget. Kayaknya sih gara-gara aku pake kemeja (maksudnya untuk pesta) waktu itu dan kayaknya sih nggak cocok untuk dipake waktu kita mau main bowling.... . Tanganku geraknya payah banget dan kayaknya sih bajuku tuh penghalang terbesar deh waktu itu.

Trus, habis main bowling, kita makan (lagi) di Restoran Silla. Sebenarnya sih pertamanya kita mau makan di tempat lain, tapi tuh restoran dah PENUH!! >> padahal dah jam 9 malem tapi masih penuh? Wow...

Selesainya jam 22.30 trus aku pulang ke rumah...

Friday, January 13, 2006

About The Apprentice Indonesia

Just like what I have promised before, I would write about one Reality Show in Indonesia: The Apprentice Indonesia.

First of all, because we have the
official site of The Apprentice Indonesia, so I don't write the Indonesian here since that the official site is all written in Indonesian...


The Apprentice Indonesia is actually adopted form the US's version (The Donald Trump's version). Before it's played on TV, Indosiar had presented 2 seasons of The US Apprentice (the first and second season which brought Bill Rancic and Kelly Perdew as the winner). The Boss here is
Peter F. Gontha and the two advisors are Hans Nugroho and Gaby Motuloh

We have
16 candidates here, which came from different background and location (all of them are 'booksmarts' >> they have the university's degrees) which consist of 8 male candidates and 8 female candidates. Peter F. Gontha at first divided the candidates into 2 groups, men versus women. The men named their team: GRANDE Corp. ; and the women named the team: PT. SRIKANDI INDONESIA.

It was quite similar with The US version. At the first four weeks, 4 male candidates (
Pandu, Michael, Aries, and Eka) got fired and only left 4 more male candidates. Then, on the fifth till seventh week, three female candidates (Restu, Agustini, and Putri) got fired. On the eighth week, the boardroom was very very hot and quite controversial since Nji attacked Franky sharply. However, because Franky was The Project Manager at that time, Franky was the one who got fired at this episode. Then on the ninth until twelfth week, 4 more female candidates (Louise, Nji, Elva, and Susan) got fired and only left Lila as the only female candidate on the top four. On the thirteenth episode, Safti got fired. Therefore we got Fendi, Lila, and Albert as the top three of The Apprentice Indonesia. The fourteenth task was the interview task and at this episode, based on the 4 execs' recommendations and the 3 candidates' performance on the previous tasks, Albert got fired. Click here if you wanna see the Project Tracker completely.

Then, we are now down to The Final Two with 2 candidates left: Fendi and Lila. Who will be The First Apprentice?? We will find it out next Monday!!!

On The Final task, Fendi and Lila got 6 'employees' (the ex-candidates). Fendi got Nji, Pandu, and Elva; and Lila got Agustini, Albert, and Franky as her employees. As The Final Task, Fendi had to run an autoclub event and Lila had to run a basketball event. Actually Lila had a problem with Agustini because on the sixth task, Agustini got fired, and Lila claimed that nobody liked Agustini as the member of the team. Fendi got an advantage since during the show, he had good relation with all other candidates. But, he had to run a tougher task to do as The Final Task.

During The Show, Peter Gontha reshufled the team members several times. And also, the name of the teams were changed. Grande evolves to Reborn Corporation on the sixth task (and it brought them a victory after 5 weeks losts) and Srikandi evolves to Synergy Corporation on the twelfth task (and it also brought victory after 6 weeks losts).

The tasks were mainly concentrating on marketing, especially on the beginning until the middle of the show.


I like this Reality Show a lot, and I will write my comments about this show on the next message after we get The First Apprentice.... :) But in my own opinion, I think Fendi has a bigger chance to win.... :)

Monday, January 09, 2006



Today was suck... . Why don't we get a holiday today?? Yesterday was Sunday, and tomorrow we have holiday.... . Why don't they just make Monday as holiday as well so we get 3 days holiday?? Arrgghhhh....

Well, today we had a full schoolday. We started the lessons at 7 AM and ended at 13.35 PM. There was nothing special except we got surprising and shocking news. We will have math exam next Wednesday and Physics Exam next Friday. Don't u think that it's crazy?? We have not been having our lessons for more than 1 week yet and now we have already got 2 exams appearing!! Arrggghh....... .

Well, let's just move away from school activities. After getting back home I had to help my dad copying some datas from my computer to the floppy disk. And in the evening, actually I had planned to go to the gym (I have been absent again for 2 weeks!!!) but I had to cancel it because I had to help my dad going to the office to print some pictures for the new shop. Unpredictably, it took 1 hour to print all of them (well, we met some problems with the printers there...).

Then at 6 PM I went to My TOEFL course until 7.30 PM. Then I got back home and surfed the net and also watched TV (wow, The Apprentice Indonesia now is down to the final two!! >> I will tell you a lil' about it next week... )


Hari ini nyebelin banget... . Kenapa nggak libur sih?? Kemarin tuh Minggu, besok libur... . Kenapa nggak ngeliburin Senen sekalian biar liburannya jadi 3 hari?? Arrggghhhh......

Hari ini tadi tuh udah kayak biasa lagi sekolahnya. Pelajaran mulai jam 7 sampe jam 13.35 siang. Nggak ada yang spesial sih kecuali kita dapat berita yang mengecutkan dan bikin shock. Bakalan ada ulangan matematika besok Rabu dan ulangan Fisika besok Jumat. Gila nggak tuh?? Kita belum masuk sekolah lebih dari seminggu tapi sekarang kita dah ada 2 ualnagn yang muncul!! Arrgghhhh........ .

Dah ah, ngomongin yang lain deh. Habis pulang sekolah aku mbantu papaku ngopi beberapa data dari komputer ini ke disket. Dan di sore harinya, rencananya aku mau pergi ke gym (aku dah absen lagi selama 2 minggu!!!) tapi aku terpaksa mbatalin soalnya aku mesti mbantu papaku pergi ke kantor buat ngeprint beberapa gambar tentang toko yg baru. Nggak terduga aja, ternyata lebih dari 1 jam untuk ngeprint doank (soalnya ketemu sama beberapa masalah dengan printernya disana....)

Trus jam 6 sorenya aku pergi ke kursus TOEFL sampe jam 7.30 malem. Habis itu aku pulang dan main internet dan nonton TV... (wah, tadi The Apprentice Indonesia dah masuk babak final tuh... >> aku bakalan crita dikit ttg ini minggu depan...)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday The Sixth


Today is a quite good day for me. (like what I said to you a couple weeks ago, Friday is my favourite day....).

At school this morning, we had lessons. And one bad thing is that we had schedule reshuffle this morning. Sport that used to be our first lesson on Friday (so we had it in the morning at 7 AM where the atmosphere is not very hot and it's also comfortable) moves to 9.30 AM!! (it's hot at that time, and I think I will be in a situation like being in hell when we have to do the running test on the field!!!).

My physics teacher also gave us an assignment to do that has to be handed in tomorrow!! Actually she gave it before the holiday, but there was not enough instruction about what we should do or write on the assignment. Therefore, we got confused and we asked her this morning (and of course we had done nothing). And guess what she said?? She said that the assignment still has to be handed in tomorrow!! Arrrgghhh.... .

Well, afterschool I made that assignment. But halfway, I felt very very sleepy so I decided to take a nap. Then at 2.30 PM I got up and I went with my friends. Today I had to drive my sedan (that actually I'm not used to drive it) because my father drove my usual car. But I think it was well. We played bowling (again) >> (but my score was not very good) until 5 PM, then we had dinner until 5.45 PM. It was fun...

Then at 6 PM I had my TOEFL preparation class until 7.30 PM then I went back home and continued doing my assignment....


Hari ini lumayan baik lah untuk aku. (kayak yang beberapa minggu lalu aku dah bilang, Jumat adalah hari favoritku.... ).

Di sekolah pagi ini, tentu aja ada pelajaran. Dan satu hal buruk adalah adanya pergantian jam pelajaran pagi ini. Olahraga yang biasanya jam pertama di hari Jumat (jadi pelajarannya jam 7 pagi ketika suasananya nggak panas banget dan juga nyaman) dipindah ke jam 9.30 pagi!! (sudah panas pas jam segitu, dan kayaknya aku akan ada dalam situasi dimana seperti berada di neraka waktu lagi ada ujian lari di lapangan!!!).

Guru fisikaku juga ngasi kita tugas yang harus dikumpulin besok!! Sebenernya dia ngasinya sebelum liburan sih, tapi dia nggak ngasi instruksi yang cukup jelas tentang apa yang harus kita kerjain atau tulis di tugas ini. Akhirnya, kita bingung dan nanya ke dia pagi ini (dan tentu aja kita belum ngerjain tuh tugas). Tebak apa yang dia bilang?? Dia tetep bilang kalo tugasnya mesti dikumpulin besok!! Arrgghhh.... .

Trus habis sekolah aku ngerjain tugas itu. Tapi setengah jalan, aku ngerasa ngantuuk banget, jadinya aku mutusin buat tidur siang deh... . Trus jam 2.30 siang aku bangun trus pergi sama temenku. Hari ini aku mesti nyetir sedan (yang sebenarnya aku nggak biasa nyetir ini) soalnya papaku pake mobil yang biasa aku pake. Tapi kayaknya sih ok2 aja koq. Tadi kita main bowling (lagi) >> (tapi nilaiku nggak bagus...) sampe jam 5 sore, trus kita makan sampe jam 5.45. Lumayan asik juga...

Trus jam 6 sore aku pergi ke les persiapan TOEFL sampe jam 7.30 malem trus aku pulang dan ngelanjutin ngerjain tugas....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Last Day of My Holiday


Finally the last day of my 2 weeks holiday shows up. Tomorrow I will start going to school everyday again. Well, I think there will be no class tomorrow on the first day. Probably we will only do reflection in our class and we talk to our teacher and get back home early... .

Tomorrow I have to manage my wrong score. It's very crucial because probably I will still use my first semester score for registrating to enter a university. I hope it's not very hard and I hope it doesn't take a long time... . In my opinion I think it should have already done before the holiday, because at that day I was still more on fire to do a protest. But it couldn't happen because this is the procedure that I have to follow... :( . Well, now I am still on fire, but the 'fire' is not as big and hot as it used to before the holiday... :(

I must study hard this January, because this is the last month for me to prepare myself to have the entrance test of the university abroad. I only have one more month (actually one and a half). One of my New Year's Resolution is this January I will study hard so I can pass the entrance test. Amen.... .


Akhirnya hari terakhir dari 2 minggu liburanku muncul juga. Besok aku akan mulai pergi ke sekolah setiap hari lagi. Tapi, kayaknya sih besok nggak ada pelajaran di hari pertama. Kayaknya sih cuma ada refleksi, ngomong-ngomong sama wali kelas, trus pulang pagi... .

Besok aku harus mengurus nilaiku yang salah itu. Ini penting banget soalnya mungkin aja aku masih butuh nilai semester satu untuk daftar ke universitas. Aku harap sih moga-moga besok nggak susah-susah amat atau ngurusnya juga nggak lama.... . Menurutku, seharusnya pengurusan ini dilakuinnya sebelum liburan, soalnya di hari itu kan aku masih semangat banget untuk protes. Tapi itu nggak bisa soalnya ya beginilah prosedut yang harus aku ikuti... :( Sekarang sebenarnya masih semangat juga sih, tapi 'api'nya kan dah nggak segede dan sepanas dulu lagi pas sebelum liburan... :(

Aku harus belajar keras nih Januari ini, soalnya ini adalah bulan terakhir bagi aku untuk mempersiapkan diri sendiri untuk ikut tes masuk universitas luar negeri. AKu tinggal punya waktu satu bulan lagi (satu setengah bulan sebenarnya). Salah satu semangat/janji Tahun Baruku kan aku akan belajar keras biar lulus tes masuknya. Amin.... .

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Eve


This year New Year's Eve is a lot different with some previous New Year's Eves. The main different is: this year I celebrate it just in Jogja (I don't go anywhere this holiday... :( ). I still remember, last year I celebrated the New Year's Eve at Kuala Lumpur and two years ago at Bangkok.

Last night I went to a party titled "New York New York. End of The Year Party" at Quality Hotel Jogjakarta. I arrived at 19.30 PM and then I had dinner first. The dinner was quite delicious. I ate fried rice, lemonade friend chicken, fish wellington, roasted beef, spaghetti, and lasagna. It sounds a lot right? But it's not that many I think.... . At 21.30 PM I finished having dinner, and the room had already been full of people.

Finally the party started. A band came up and sang some song, then a group of comedians showed up (with their corny jokes), and also there was something like 'fashion show'. While we were waiting for the midnight, the band sang some songs again and people danced on the dance-floor.

At 11.58 the last song finished and people started to count down (well, I mean they started counting down about 30 seconds before the time). Five... Four... Three... Two... One....... Then at the time all people blowed their paper-trumpets and said,"Happy New Year" to each other... . It was very very crowded at that time....

Then, after that the first doorpirze session started. Unfortunately, I didn't get any. (the prizes were quite interesting actually>> voucher to stay at some five-stars hotels, airline ticket, etc...). Then, the band sang some songs again and an over-confident 'granny' (I mean a middle aged woman) with her 'unfit' clothes sang 2 songs and also danced!!! At 1.30 the second and main session of doorprize started. The prizes were interesting (the main prize was: Jogjakarta - Kuala Lumpur - Jogjakarta airline ticket by Garuda Indonesia plus staying at Quality Hotel KL for some days (I don't remember how many days)). Unfortunately, I didn't get it. Then, the party finished and I went back home...

the room before the party started

spaghetti-lasagna-fish wellington-roasted beef

people dancing on the dance floor


Malam taon baru taun ini jauh berbeda dengan beberapa malam taun baru sebelumnya. Perbedaan utamanya: taun ini aku ngerayainnya di Jogja doank (aku nggak kemana-mana liburan ini... :( ). Aku masih inget, taun lalu aku malam taun baruan di Kuala Lumpur, trus dua tahun lalu di Bangkok.

Tadi malem aku pergi ke pesta yang judulnya,"New York New York. End of The Year Party" di Hotel Quality Jogjakarta. Aku sampe jam 19.30 malem trus makan malem dulu. Aku makan nasi goreng, ayam goreng lemon, ikan wellington, daging panggang, spaghetti, sama lasagna. Kedengarannya banyak kan? Tapi nggak sebanyak itu koq aku pikir... . Trus jam 21.30 malem aku selesai makan, trus ruangannya dah penuh orang.

Akhirnya pestanya dimulai. Sebuah band muncul trus nyanyiin beberapa lagu, trus sekelompok pelawak muncul (dengan lawakan-lawakan jayus mereka), dan juga ada semacam 'fashion show' gitu. Sambil nunggu jam 12 malem, bandnya nyanyiin beberapa lagu lagi dan orang-orang nari di dance-floor.

Jam 11.58 lagu terakhir selesai dan orang-orang mulai menghitung mundur (maksudnya menghitungnya ya sekitar 30 detik sebelum waktunya gitu...). Lima... Empat... Tiga... Dua.... Satuu.... . Trus di waktunya semua orang niup terompet kertas mereka dan ngucapin,"Met Taun Baru" ke orang-orang. Pas itu bener2 rame....

Trus, habis itu sesi doorprize pertama dimulai. Sayangnya aku nggak dapet apa-apa (hadiahnya lumayan menarik juga >> voucher menginap di beberapa hotel bintang lima, tiket pesawat, dll...). Trus bandnya nyanyiin lagu lagi sama ada nenek (maksudnya perempuan setengah baya gitu) over PD dengan bajunya yang nggak cocok nyanyi 2 lagu sama nari!!! Trus jam 1.30 pagi penarikan doorpirze kedua / yg utama. Hadiahnya menarik loh... (hadiah utamanya: tiket pesawat Jogjakarta - Kuala Lumpur - Jogjakarta dari Garuda Indonesia plus menginap di Hotel Quality KL untuk beberapa hari (aku lupa tepatnya berapa hari)). Trus pestanya selesai dan aku pulang ke rumah...

Happy New Year 2006!!!!

Hi all...

I just wanna say:


:::My wishes for you:::

H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber (you know - dont' worry be happy )
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A ngels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years!

(THX to NJI... >> I took ur words.... )